Other community providers will continue service access and delivery
This update is being provided by StarkMHAR to give you the latest information regarding service transitions in our care network.
Crisis Intervention and Recovery Center (CIRC), a former provider in StarkMHAR’s care network for acute and ongoing behavioral health care services, has notified StarkMHAR that they will no longer be providing behavioral health services as of August 1, 2018.

CIRC recently explored creating a strategic partnership with Coleman Professional Services (CPS); further examination showed that the community services provided by CIRC could be successfully carried out by other partnering agencies. Through this process, top priority has been placed on continuous access to services, maintaining quality client care and staff retention.

“In these times of transition, the focus has to be on the services, and ensuring clients have access to mental health and addiction services when they are needed,” said John Aller, Executive Director of StarkMHAR. “CIRC has worked collaboratively with Coleman, CommQuest and other providers to ensure that these services are transferred with minimal impact for both clients and CIRC staff,” he added.

Services that are transitioning August 1 include detox, 23 hour beds and Quick Response Teams (moving to CommQuest); Hunter House, Adult and Youth Mobile Response, Crisis Services and the Crisis Stabilization Unit (moving to CPS and carried out in CIRC’s 13 th Street location – 24 hour hotline remains 330-452-6000); Multisystemic Therapy (moving to Child & Adolescent Services); and Crisis Intervention Team (moving to StarkMHAR).

Like many providers, CIRC had experienced pressures related to Ohio’s Behavioral Health Redesign initiative - which drastically impacts coding, billing, and services reimbursement, and can require reconfiguration of overall clinical and business operations and practices. Additionally, a July 1 transition to managed care is presenting its own set of challenges for behavioral health agencies. While these two factors alone did not cause all of CIRC’s challenges, they added pressure to the situation.

As previously announced, the H.O.P.E. and Free Space programs have been transitioned to Summit Psychological Associates, and outpatient services are being carried out by CPS, CommQuest and Summit Psychological Associates. Also, CIRC’s McKinley Avenue building closed on July 20 in part due to the transition and in part due to a failed heating/cooling system.

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