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Feng Shui and the Number 27 - Shift the Chi in 27 Steps
Hang around Feng Shui long enough and you will hear about numbers - especially 9's - but also the number 27 . What does it mean and how can the number make a difference in your life? Find out more from our experts - tips and ideas for the 27 in your life.
If ever you find yourself stuck in a rut and hard to initiate change: try the power of number 27. To create or reinforce personal growth, move 27 objects that have not been moved in the past year.

The number 27 is regarded as the premier number. Because 2+ 7 = 9 in Feng Shui it signifies the fullness and transformation of heaven and earth. The number 9 never changes no matter how many times it is multiplied by itself. Nine times anything always leads to nine. For instance: 9 x 3 = 27 and 2 + 7 = 9. 

Any time energy sags, I recommend moving 27 things around. Distilled down to its essence, 27 is associated with manifestation and completion. And whenever we move things, no matter how slight the shift, we disrupt recycled energy patterns in our home. So, push the furniture around and dance. Swap out stale book piles with something new. Or rearrange the kitchen cupboards and drawers. Play some music while you work, and those efforts will yank wonky energy right out of its rut.

Kick this up a notch by getting rid of 27 things. And if clearing clutter feels challenging, it's a hearty clue this endeavor is sure to bring something entirely new into your reality. 

Shift the Chi in 27 Simple Steps
In Feng Shui, regardless of which path you are follow, there’s a common theme… Change the Chi, change your life. It works like a magnet… express a radiant new energy to the world and the universe responds by bringing new opportunities, people and all kinds of goodness your way. Just think of the awesome possibilities that might be just around the corner, if you give it a whirl. To help you get started, here are 27 simple ways to Shift the Chi, from Wendy Yawching.

Pinterest "Pin"spiration: Move 27 Things

If you are feeling stuck, chances are that your attention is introverted. The action of moving things around—even if you move just a few—can help to extrovert your attention and connect you to your physical surroundings. Nine is considered to be an auspicious number in traditional schools of feng shui, and 27 is both a multiple of nine plus, when the single digits (2 + 7) are added as in numerology, you arrive at nine as well. Source: courtesy Dana Claudat.

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Final Thoughts - Feeling Stuck? Try the "Magic of 27 Things"

"Do you occasionally feel absolutely stuck, when you don’t know what to do next or how to get out of your own way? Move 27 things in your space.

"You can pick each thing up and put it right back down again, or move it to a different location, or best of all pick up 27 pieces of clutter and move them to the trash. I begin by just picking things up and putting them back down, but before I know it I get on a a roll, putting things away, throwing things out, and easily touching 27 items in no time flat.

"It’s fun to count to 27 (a powerful Yang number in Feng Shui) and when I’m done I feel surprisingly really refreshed — my Chi energy is moving once again."

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