Shifting Focus to the Future

A Message from the President of Vision 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, I am immensely proud that — despite the pandemic — Vision 2020 successfully delivered several of the scheduled programs for Women 100, our national celebration of American women marking the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. I am also deeply grateful to our loyal sponsors, supporters, friends and outstanding staff!

Through virtual programming, we reached thousands of people across the country for the Toast to Tenacity in August and the Women’s Leadership Forums in November. In October, we received significant media attention for the SHE Leads Road Rally to Seneca Falls, NY, retracing the suffragists’ journey from Philadelphia to the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention.
As we move optimistically into 2021, Vision 2020 will launch a new century of progress for women by extending Women 100 programming into next year and shifting focus to the future. We will virtually convene young leaders for Spring Breakthru in March and reopen the updated Seat at the Table exhibition in April at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

Changing attitudes and institutions that perpetuate gender inequality remains our mission. In June, the Vision 2020 National Congress will shape the future by drawing up a blueprint for action steps to answer the question: What must we do to complete the unfinished business of women’s equality?

Recent research and reporting have warned of a setback in women’s progress, especially in the workforce, due to Covid-19. But we also have wonderful examples of women advancing — starting with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the record numbers of women elected to Congress and state legislatures, and glass ceiling breakthroughs in sports and many other fields.

Here’s to a new era of shared leadership among women and men and accelerated progress toward gender equality!

Warm wishes for healthy and happy holidays,
Lynn H. Yeakel, Founder and President, Vision 2020
Women 100 Events
Jamia Wilson
La’Tasha D. Mayes
'How To Build a Movement' Session Open to Public at Spring Breakthru Event
Spring Breakthru, a two-day free virtual conference for college students on civic engagement and social justice, will feature a public session entitled “How To Build a Movement.” Save the date: March 18 at 3 pm ET.

Jamia Wilson, movement builder and storyteller, and La’Tasha D. Mayes, Founder/President and CEO of New Voices for Reproductive Justice, will share their journeys of activism and change through their personal and professional platforms.

The session will provide insight and advice for those seeking to do more intentional work to foster change and promote social justice. Registration for the free session opens February 1.

Vision 2020 thanks Spring Breakthru sponsor The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Please Include
Vision 2020 in Your Charitable Giving

As you decide on your year-end charitable giving, please include Vision 2020 to help us continue moving the needle on the unfinished business of women’s equality. Vision 2020 is a nonprofit initiative of Drexel University’s Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership.
Vision 2020 Coalition
COVID-19 Impact on Family Gender Roles
Marni Puente, left, a Vision 2020 Delegate (MD) and marketing development leader at KPMG, was interviewed by friend of Vision 2020 Cherri Gregg on her KYW Newsradio show, Flashpoint. They discussed the impact of COVID-19 on gender roles in families. Listen to the show here!
Coalition Members Look Back and Ahead

Vision 2020 asked its Delegates and volunteers to reflect on 2020 with this prompt: Despite the pandemic, what was the most encouraging outcome of 2020 in relation to the centennial of the 19th Amendment and how can we continue to honor the centennial in our professional work and/or personal lives? Here's how some of them responded.

Judi Bell, Volunteer
Completing a beautiful mural (see photo below) in the borough of West Chester (PA). The Chester County Fund for Women and Girls, West Chester Public Arts Commission, Zukin Properties, and mural artist Kendra Beitze unveiled the mural just in time for the 2020 election. In a testament to the same teamwork, perseverance, and passion that the suffragists embodied, this project came to life despite Covid-19.
Jessica Bellwoar, Delegate (PA)
Electing a black woman as Vice President!!!!”

Pamelya Herndon, Delegate (NM)
The number of women who stepped up to run for public office and who won their elections... We can continue to honor the centennial by remaining advocates for issues that will raise the well-being of women and their families, by always voting in every election and by remembering we vote with a purpose.”

Ellen Langas, Delegate (PA)
The women who became authentic role models for generations to come... Women across generations, who represented every demographic, expressed and debated their political opinions, exercised their right to vote, and sought and secured political office.

Amanda Morrison, Delegate (MO)
Transitioning to virtual programming, which pushed my team at Missouri M.A.D.E. outside of our comfort zone to find new partnerships... I want to keep this out of the box thinking present with my staff in a post-Covid world.”

Eugenia K. Potter, Delegate (KY)
Reframing our focus to Black suffragists and racism within the white suffrage movement after the murder of Breonna Taylor... A statewide school curriculum and complementary museum exhibit were aptly named What is a Vote Worth? Moving forward, we understand that A Vote is Worth the future of our city, state, and country.” 

Dani Schroeder, Volunteer
Educating our communities about why it is important to utilize your right to vote as well as the strides we still need to make toward gender equity.”

Jan Scott, Delegate (MO)
“Being awakened to the activities of African-American women and the impressive force they were and are... I thought we all got the right to vote in 1920. Not so. I am reading Martha Jones’ “Vanguard" and will continue to expand my knowledge and respect the efforts of black women then and now.”
The Chester County Fund for Women and Girls and community partners unveiled this mural celebrating women's right to vote.
Welcome New Coalition Member

We are pleased to welcome a new Delegate to the Vision 2020 family: Jen Euell (MT) is the Women's Foundation program director for the Montana Community Foundation.
Thank You to 2020 Event Hosts

Vision 2020 thanks the many Delegates, Allied Organizations and Proud Partners who hosted women-themed events in 2020 to support Women 100, our national celebration of the centennial of women’s voting rights.
Thank You to Our Sponsors and Partners!
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