The NIOSH Worker Well-Being Questionnaire (NIOSH WellBQ) provides an integrated assessment of worker well-being across multiple spheres, including individuals’ quality of working life, circumstances outside of work, and physical and mental health status.

The questionnaire measures “worker” well-being as a holistic construct rather than simply “workplace” or “work-related” well-being. The NIOSH WellBQ is intended to help researchers, employers, workers, practitioners, and policymakers understand the well-being of workers and target interventions to improve worker well-being, among other applications.

The NIOSH WellBQ comprises the five domains of worker well-being identified by NIOSH and the RAND Corporation in Expanding the Paradigm of Occupational Safety and Health: A New Framework for Worker Well-Being:

  • Work Evaluation and Experience
  • Workplace Policies and Culture
  • Workplace Physical Environment and Safety Climate
  • Health Status
  • Home, Community, and Society

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