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February 2022
Skating on Crystal Lake. Photo by Jennifer Seavey.
Dear SML Community, 

Like many of you, over recent years, the SML team has been engaged in learning about systemic bias and how it intersects with our mission. We have been taking to heart what Maya Angelou recommended: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” As a result, we have been making changes and have crafted a plan to increase belonging at SML.

For me personally, something Dr. Ayana Johnson said echoes in my mind a lot: “Consider the discoveries not made, the books not written, the ecosystems not protected, the art not created, the gardens not tended.” This is my motivation to learn and adapt to improve equity and belonging at SML. I think about all the things we do not know about the oceans, ecology, science education because we don’t have everyone at the table. I look at the story about blatant sexual harassment at the Smithsonian field station and at UNH (see below) and I wonder about all the women who have walked away from science and how we all suffer the consequences of that. I also wonder: Would the Smithsonian story have come to light if these women were not white? Were any Panamanian women also caught in the crossfire of that clearly biased culture? Where is their story?

It is easy to feel unmoored by revelations like these, but we are focusing on how we can act in response. We are making changes at SML to do better and this work will continue. It is going to take resources, time, training, and action. We will do our work and I hope we can count on you - our community - to join us
Warm wishes,
Jennifer Seavey, Ph.D.
Kingsbury Executive Director
Shoals Marine Laboratory
Diversity Scholarship at Shoals a Success!
Above: Intertidal students. Below Yuna Park, one of our Diversity Scholarship students. Photos by Dr. James Coyer
The Shoals Diversity Scholarship was first offered in 2021 and supported 16 students from around the country. We have successfully fund raised to offer even more scholarships in 2022. To continue recruiting students and building this opportunity, consistent funding is critical and frankly, we could use community support on this. As shown in data below, we need to apply steady effort to continue increasing the accessibility of our programs; however, the Shoals Diversity Scholarship is proving to be very value to the lives of young scientists. With your support, this is just the beginning!
Finding our way forward
Students navigate across a marshy area on Appledore. Photo by Collin Love.
Two recent reports of sexual harassment in the field and close to home have caused a lot of upset, concern, and conversation among the SML staff. At Shoals, we are aware that the bias and discrimination underlying these events are prevalent in our society and are a vexing challenge. It is our priority to cultivate a sense of belonging at SML and foster a culture that promotes healthy relationships and individual safety. A successful SML is a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming place. 

For resources and to learn more about the actions ​​we are taking, please visit our Belonging page. If you have experiences, comments, or ideas you want to share with us, we welcome and encourage you to do so. Here is a link to our feedback form (which offers both anonymous​ and identified options).
Career Opportunities at Shoals Marine Laboratory
SML is hiring a Communications and Public Engagement Coordinator! This position nurtures meaningful relationships with our community and the public through strategic and creative communications. This candidate will be responsible for the development and execution of our content and communications, as well as coordinating SML's public programs. The Communications and Public Engagement Coordinator reports directly to and works closely with the Director of Community Relations and collaborates with the Executive Director to perform duties. Time on island is a critical and fun part of the job. Come join the amazing SML team!
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