Shiloh United School Community,
God is truly doing something special with unity on the peninsula and it is a joy to be a part of! We have been overwhelmed with the community coming together for the cause of Christ and for Him to be known among our children. Thank you!
Last Week
On Sunday with Pastor Brad & Gigi Allen we had a wonderful service with Victory International Church in Foster City. What an amazing and diverse group of talented people that come together with a passion for God! So many people were interested in volunteering with Shiloh, we had a hard time talking with each one of them!
On Sunday evening at Goshen Christian Church we enjoyed the mighty preaching of Ps. David Wui and were so blessed by the congregation as we fellowshiped after the service over a home-cooked meal. They prayed for us and are looking forward to supporting the school in any way they can including a daycare sending students!
Thank you for coming together as a community to serve, love and bring Peace to our community through this school. Join us to pray for the next steps of the school by contact me to see where you can serve with your passion, or refer a friend that may be interested in attending or serving the community with us. Have a great week!
-David Swift
Join us for Prayer for Shiloh and the Peninsula
This Saturday 7:30pm, 5/12/18
At: The Swifts
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