Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this,
In whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind?
Job 12:9-10
Muir Woods Field Trip - October 10th

Hidden beyond a windy road in Mill Valley north of the Golden Gate bridge, Muir Woods is a preserved forest that wasn’t logged like so many others in the area. The glory of God and His brilliance is seen in these redwoods whose species is the largest living things on earth. The science of the ecosystem that surrounds and supports this beautiful forest teaches another lesson on unity and the beauty of God’s joyful design in His creation.
Prophetic Painting

Thanks to Patricia Lowe, friend of Shiloh, who shared her gifting and passion to worship the Lord through flags and art this week. Children are finding their hidden gifts and exploring new ways to express themselves in these poignant paintings.

Satellite talk - October 5th
Astrophysicist Ben Wilson came October 5th and brought to us a wealth of information about satellites, a graphical illustration of over 8,000 satellites in orbit, gave the children hands-on experiences with gadgets used on satellites and showed us a $1 million dollar computer and his role in keeping these devices safe and in orbit. Homeschool families were able to join us for this fun event!
After school Enrichment program starting

We are blessed to have a wealth of talents in the greater Shiloh community and these gifted and compassionate volunteers are enriching our students in after school programming starting this week! Classes included Spanish, cooking, piano, Japanese watercolor painting, and coding. If you would like to share your gift with the community of children or adult learners for a class of at least one hour a week, contact the office.

Art Credit: AsatorArise Creative Commons labeled for reuse.

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Note from the Principal:

The year is full speed ahead, but we are treasuring every moment with the children with morning prayer of current events, chapel messages and interactive worship, character formation groups and field trips. Compassion is taught and caught in the weekly schedules and what a joy to lay a solid foundation of Christ and His community. Thanks for being a part of it!
David Swift
Needed donations:
Art easels
Weed wacker
Music Keyboards
Flower pots and planters
Upcoming Events
  • Prayer at Shiloh - Every Thursday Night, 7:30 pm - in the Pelican's Nest Auditorium, 516 La Casa St - school back entrance.
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