Blow the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in My holy mountain! Joel 2:1
An Encouraging Note From the Office
When God is doing something mighty He is not silent, and this season has surely displayed this. There seems to be no end to timely scriptures, dreams, visions and prophetic words about the school and its formation. Praise God for His faithful encouragement!

Time with Ps. Enrique Morales and Nuevo Pacto church was right in line with this trend. I was in the back row when a leader began to prophecy. This was normal in the prayerful 5 hour service, but then he said "I feel like someone here is going to sign a contract this week... it is a good contract..." This got my attention since I was scheduled to sign the contract for the Knolls school site with the school district. Though I never met him, He went on to call me out and prophecy over me and the vision for the school. Again I stand humbled and in awe at the mighty God we serve who is faithful beyond our knowledge of Him. The Lord knows where you are this week, and whether He speaks loud or stands next to you in silence, He is with you and will guide you as you walk with Him! - David Swift
SUS will be at the Knolls Campus - 525 42nd Ave. San Mateo
The prophecy spoken at Nuevo Pacto mentioned above was fulfilled that Friday as we signed the contract for the Knolls school site at: 525 42nd Avenue in San Mateo on Alemeda up the hill from Hillsdale High school. Praise God for a beautiful school site to declare His glory. We declare this site on the south western hill of San Mateo is holy and unto the Lord!
Map and Satellite: 525 42nd Ave, San Mateo Ca 94403
SUS Enrollment Now Open
Would you share our website on your Facebook page, or email it to friends that you think could benefit from joining the Shiloh Community?

With the confirmation of the campus we have opened enrollment. We have been talking to many pockets of people in pre-schools, churches, schools, and families, and now is the time to enroll.

Four main focal areas for enrollment have been added to the front page of the website : Safe , Accessible , Mentoring and Current .

Application forms can be filled out right on the website in the Admission section:
Or forms can be picked up and returned to our temporary office at: 381 Ensign Ln. Redwood City CA 94065
Sunday morning 6/10 we were with Ps. Michael Li and the Forerunner church in Belmont . What a wonderful presence of the Lord in that church! So happy to partner with them in reaching the Chinese community!

In the afternoon we were with Ps. David Corrales and Templo La Luz church . They are faithfully reaching and blessing the Spanish speaking community in Redwood City with an amazing display of God's love by embracing the lost.

We come from many nations and organizations but have one Father, and one Lord Jesus. What a joy to worship Him and minister together for His glory!
Upcoming Events
Shiloh United School is a K-8th grade private tech school starting this August with Spanish and Mandarin language classes.

As a united family with Biblical values, we build character, mentor talents, and educate for tomorrow in a culture of honor that allows students to grow in leadership, find their purpose and make a positive impact on their generation.
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