July 2022
Dear Colleague,
We've had a number of questions recently about our 1AS probe holder and why we clamp Neuropixels 1.0 probes where we do. The short answer: To fit more probes in the smallest area.

See the longer answer below, and please let us know what you think.

- The MPM Team at New Scale Technologies
Using Probe Mount 1AS with Neuropixels 1.0 Probes
By clamping as far back from the probe shank as possible, the MPM Probe Mount 1As allows researchers to maximize the density of probes in multi-probe neural recording experiments. 

Why does New Scale’s MPM-Probe Mount-1As clamp Neuropixels 1.0 probes at the end of the circuit board, where the circuit board attaches to the probe flex cable?

By clamping the probe as far away from the shank as possible, rather than by the silicon spacer or dovetail cap, this probe holder lets you maximize the density of probes in your multi-probe neural recording experiments.
The probe mount design was created in collaboration with the Allen Institute, supporting their development of the six-probe MindScope rig (see photo) and 24-probe next-gen insertion system. Both rigs use New Scale micro manipulators and multi-probe control software.

Read the article to learn how to install and align Neuropixels 1.0 probes in the MPM-Probe Mount-1AS probe holder, including how to use shims and the alignment fixture.
Lighting Up the Brain Enables Surprising Discoveries

A recent article in Laser Focus World explains the basics of optogenetics and describes newer techniques, like single-cell and holographic optogenetics, that allow neuroscientists to give every cell its own code and to project holograms into the brain.

The article further describes potential applications of optogenetics including:

  • A treatment for Alzheimer’s disease - currently in multiple large-scale clinical trials with people diagnosed with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

  • An investigational gene therapy for blindeness caused by retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic disease.
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