Shine Global Convention 2022 


"There is a light that shines all other this world — and over you."

- Original song performed by WiL

As we run together, we can shine even brighter! We had a great time this weekend celebrating each of you and the qualities that make our LifeWave family so special.

Together, we aren't just changing lives in our communities — but around the world. And with many of the announcements made throughout the weekend, we are well on our way to touching a billion homes with innovative wellness technology and greater opportunity. 

Whether you enjoyed convention in person, virtually, or through social media and email updates, enjoy re-living the highlights of Shine Global Convention 2022!

Re-live this incredible weekend below:

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LifeWave Humanitarian Effort

David Schmidt

Founder, Inventor, and CEO

LifeWave is changing the world with cutting-edge wellness, innovative technology, and now — the ability to touch even more lives through incredible humanitarian efforts.

What began as a father-son project has evolved into an advancement that will be instrumental in aiding those in need. After a natural disaster, David's very own drone technology will be able to fly essential supplies and LifeWave products to refugees and relief workers in record response time.

Flight testing begins in September. Stay connected for continued innovation.  

New Shine & Dream Aromatherapy Mists

Adding to the legacy that Founder, Inventor, and CEO David Schmidt established with his innovative patch technology, we're excited to introduce an additional wellness category COMING SOON to LifeWave. 

Say Hello to your New Morning & Evening Essentials

Learn More!

Enhancing your LifeWave Experience!

At the very heart of our mission to touch a billion homes through patented wearable wellness technology, the power of community, and unmatched opportunity is to make your LifeWave experience impeccable. As we continue to honor our legacy, we are thrilled to build for the future with a new modernized website and a more complete payment solution designed for a global membership.

New Website & Pay Solution – Coming Soon!

New Website Features

• Enhanced user experience

• Modern, fresh look

• New patch placement guide

• Seemless navigation & shopping

• Robust product education resources

New Pay Solution Features

• Seemless brand experience

• Customized for local & global markets

• Companion app available

• Customized to fit your needs

• For those who attended, be sure to set up your profile. If you weren't in attendance, look for more information soon.

Regional Incentive Trips in 2023!

Oh, the places we'll go with LifeWave! Throughout Global Convention, each Regional General Manager announced an exclusive, luxurious incentive trip as an earned reward for all YOUR hard work. Click the video link above to see where your LifeWave region will be celebrating with some serious rest & relaxation in 2023!

Stay connected for complete qualification details.

Keynote Speakers

Robyn Benincasa & Danelle Delgado

"Are you ruled by the hope of success or the fear of failure?"

Two-time World Champion Adventure Racer, San Diego Firefighter, and CNN Hero Robyn Benincasa shared inspiring stories about teamwork, overcoming setbacks, and what it means to be a winner.

"If you want to change someone's life, give them an example of someone to follow."

As one of the most sought-after speakers and corporate trainers in the world, Danielle Delgado shared insightful tips on how to succeed personally and professionally.

LifeWave Presenter Highlights

Dr. Staci Holweger

Senior Presidential Director

"It's your heart that's the magnet. It's your compassion, your caring, your love that's drawing people to you."

Dr. Staci spoke about authenticity, being true to your own personality, values, and spirit. 

Ron Rabun

Senior Presidential Director

"Just be yourself. Run with what you brung!"

Ron shared his incredible story as a chimney sweep with no prior industry experience, ranking up to SPD with LifeWave in just 16 weeks. 

Ariana Dewing

LifeWave Member, Ballerina

"Knowing that this changes lives is the reason that I'm here."

After a devastating injury that threatened her career as a professional ballerina, Ariana was introduced to LifeWave and the restorative technology of X39. 

Connie Lucas

Presidential Director

"One path does not fit all — neither does one message"

Connie shared the importance of understanding the difference between the customer and Brand Partner journey.

Susanna Ng

Senior Presidential Director

"I want to let you know how much I love LifeWave!"

Reaching the rank of Senior Presidential Director in under a year, Susanna shared her fascinating LifeWave journey.

Gregory Mascari

Senior Presidential Director

"Success is not magical, it's mathematical."

Gregory Mascari condensed 30 years of network marketing experience into a 15 minute presentation with incredible tips on how to turn income generating activities into a simple daily method of operation. 

Alexandra Neamtu

Senior Presidential Director

“If I want to impact and help people I need to get out of my comfort zone every day."

Alexandra shared her story of guiding people to make better life and health decisions with LifeWave, highlighting the importance of getting out of her comfort zone. 

Yuji Iwashita 

Senior Presidential Director

"The strength of one person is limited, combining the strengths of many people we can complement, help, enhance, and encourage each other."

Yuji Iwashita shared his team's values of connection, teamwork, unity, and the determination to go all the way with LifeWave!

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