Take a "WAK" on the Quiet Side of Brainerd...
Resort Fun  & Rentals
Wildlife abounds, even in the winter. 
An eagles eye view from atop an oak tree near my flower boat.
This little guy was just
scurrying around.
I just got done ordering the clothing for 2018! Here is a sample of the ladies performance wear we will have for sale in our office. It's a comfy garment and hangs a little longer in the back than the front. 
Using your imagination - these shirts will read,
"Shing Wako Resort...
The ice is slowly melting on Lake Edward. there is about 24" yet, but it's changing in consistency. Spring has sprung - just when we can get to work outside is still questionable right now. 
The handles on the sand digger are starting to stand out a little more! Almost like the first flower of spring!
We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again soon! 
Marty & Sue Paradeis