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Resort Fun  & Rentals
Spring is probably our busiest time of the year. 
This pontoon setting by
Reunion Lodge 20 (its home for the winter) is just waiting for the dock to be ready!

The lawns have been trac-vaced and fertilized.
And as of today, 8 cabins of 18 are spring cleaned. We should have 4 more done by tomorrow! Yeah!
The ice finally went out, happily without incident, on May 4th this year. Last year it was out by April 7! In Minnesota we always have the weather to talk about don't we? Below is a picture of "ice out" day at Shing Wako Resort on beautiful Lake Edward - 2018. 

May 10 - The furthest pieces are staged
and ready to float out.

May 11 - The furthest sections are set. Now to draw a straight line of sections to the shore.
It's about 2 pm here.

Still May 11 - Here we are around 4 pm!
Not too bad for a day's work?

We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again soon! 
Marty & Sue Paradeis