Shining Waters Council Newsletter - Feb 2019 
Shining Waters Council Stock Banner showing Scouts walking a forest trail.  Image from Haliburton Scout Reserve Summer 2018.
5th Unionville All Section Camp 2018
By Ryan Mark, 5 th Unionville Venturer Company
Why Winter Camping?
Winter Camping provides many unique opportunities for youth to try different activities that we would not be able to do at other times in the year. 
Group Winter Camp
Every year, we have our Group Winter Camp with the Beaver, Cub, and Scout Sections all under one roof. In 2018, our Winter Camp was from February 9 to February 11. In this camp, we do many fun activities such as tobogganing, snowball fights, winter hiking, orientation skill activities, and quinzee building.
The most interesting thing about our Winter Camps are the quinzees that are completed by the Troop. A quinzee is an emergency shelter that is made out of snow and has a dome shape; it looks similar to an igloo. The Scout Section spend hours to build the quinzee so the third and fourth-year troops can sleep in the quinzee, to gain the experience of sleeping in an emergency shelter. With collective help of the Troop Section, three quinzees were completed. It was such a lively atmosphere and everyone was having an amazing time.
Afterwards, we had a big campfire under the cloudy skies and enjoyed eating marshmallows. Before we called it a night, we said goodnight to the six brave scouts, who were sleeping overnight in the quinzees.
At night-time, we all came together for a campfire with lots of songs, skits, and cheers. During the afternoon of the third day, we had a toboggan race with all the sections. The youth always have a blast participating in these activities.
On the last day, we had a toboggan race with all the sections, which was fun to watch!
Moving in Slow Motion at Winter Camp
Everything at winter camp seems to take twice as long.

If you've ever planned a winter camp, you'll need to remember to add time between indoor and outdoor activities, or add extra time to cook meals, or even something as simple as a washroom break. We seem to forget the time it takes to get everyone bundled up for the outdoor weather. The same happens when coming inside. Hold an outdoor activity next to an indoor activity and you'll need to buffer them with an extra 30 minutes. It seems to make no difference whether we're talking Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Venturers. Everything takes longer. Lesson #1.

Now that your entire schedule is running behind, let's add a bit more frustration. Everything you do needs to be done with mitts or, if lucky, gloves on. I was at a camp once where the meal required a lot of peeling, cutting and dicing. It was bitterly cold since we were camping outdoors in the snow and it was well below freezing. We nearly gave up and ate the vegetables uncooked. This past winter camp, our entire meal was prepared in advance. All the slicing and dicing was done at home in the warm and comfy kitchen. When we got to camp, it was a simple matter of heating and serving. Lesson #2.

Some activities are best left for another season or an opportunity to be indoors. We thought we'd have an opportunity to work on some Scout knots while at winter camp. Again, it's nearly impossible to tie a knot while wearing mitts. Taking them off too long means frostbite or at least very cold hands. We decided it was best to focus on the fun activities that needed us to keep our mitts and gloves on at all times. Lesson #3.

Scouter Wayne Morrison

Here are some pictures submitted by Scouter Philip Wong, 100th Markham Beaver Colony. They figured out how to have fun while practising winter skills in the back yard of their meeting place.
Haliburton Scout Reserve Staff 2019

Join the Haliburton Scout Reserve Staff

Working at a Summer Camp has many perks, not just while you're at camp but years later the impact will stay with you.

So, what are you doing this summer? Are you looking for an opportunity to take on a leadership or support staff role related to your interests? Are you looking for a way to make a meaningful contribution to a camper's summer? 

Whether your passion is: Scouts, aquatics, boating, camping, outdoor adventure skills, food preparation, or maintenance - every part of our team directly impacts the campers who visit us each year.
The Haliburton Scout Reserve (HSR) is looking for a few enthusiastic, energetic and excited people: who love working with Scouts, want to have fun, can contribute a unique personality to our team (extroverts, introverts, planners, reactors , motivators, listeners, thinkers, doers, problem solvers etc.), and want to be awesome and help others have "the best summer ever". You can do it! 

Click here to learn about joining our staff team .
Camp Wildman Committee -- Volunteers Needed

Craig Carr and his team have made some amazing changes to Camp Wildman. The team have made a lot of positive upgrades to the camp to enhance the camping experience. The number of bookings are steadily increasing and things are going well.  
Camp Wildman is run by dedicated volunteers, but we are now in need of a few more volunteers to assist us in opening and closing the camp for our bookings. 
If anyone is looking for more information they can contact Scott Wagg , Cody Dixon , Craig Carr or myself . We would be happy to explain what the expectations are for opening and closing and we would provide training and support too. 
Thank you in advance for supporting us. 
Yours in scouting, 

Katherine Faulkner
Group Commissioner - 4th Midland Scouting  
Troop Scouter - 4th Midland Scouting
Camp Wildman Committee Member
(705) 528-0433

"Building the Future of the World through our Youth"!
Scouts Canada is organizing a Contingent to the Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) in July 2020.

Scouters from different parts of Canada have come together to plan a trip for an amazing Scouting adventure. The approach is simple…Plan a camping adventure that others can join and be part of…A Canadian Scout experience to a beautiful International Scout Centre.
  • The Continent will be using the KISC meal plan, so Groups will not be purchasing or cooking meals.
  • Groups will plan their own program and plan their own adventure while at camp.

1)      What are the dates?
Friday, July 10 – Monday, July 20 th , 2020
2)      Who is eligible to attend?
All members of Scouts Canada are eligible to attend. Groups will decide what works best for them and their youth members.

Winter Safety Moments
Winter can be both a fun but dangerous time. By being aware of the winter hazards, we're able to avoid nearly all and have a safer time enjoying the outdoors.

Here are a few of the relevant safety moments for winter.

Scouter Hans Uhr, DCC Safety, Shining Waters Council
Message from Outgoing Council Commissioner

Hello Scouters of Shining Waters Council,

As my term as Council Commissioner comes to a close, I would like to take a moment to briefly reflect on the past three years, and offer a though or two for the way ahead.

As you all know, our Council has continued to do extremely well in providing fun, safe and memorable Scouting adventures for our youth. I can assure you that none of our successes have gone unnoticed.  Our overall membership numbers have remained relatively stable, which has actually bucked the trend of declining membership nationally, which are in part due to factors beyond the organizations control.

Our program is second-to-none! You have embraced the Canadian Path in one way or another which has empowered our youth to select and pursue their own interests of the Scouting program. Through your steadfast leadership, you have all facilitated the program well! I encourage all of you to continue on this path, and to seek new skills and learning opportunities. There are a lot of great new and fun opportunities coming our way, so please embrace these!

To our Area Key 3s (Council Commissioner, Council Youth Commissioner, Scouting Relationship Manager) and their teams past and present, I sincerely thank all of you for all that you do or have done to move our organization forward. Many of your successes are known nationally, and whether you knew it or not, you have helped develop the strategic framework which the organization is currently following. Well done to you all! 

To the National Key 3 and Council Key 3 past and present, it was an honour and pleasure to work alongside you. While we experienced some challenging moments, we ended up on top of our game thanks mainly to the support from all those I mentioned above!

In conclusion, it is my sincere wish that you continue on your Scouting path. Each of you bring unique talents and skills that enrich our youth through fun, memorable Scouting adventures. I also trust you will all provide our new Council Commissioner Kit and his team the same highest level of support to them as you have provided us. I also encourage, in fact challenge our newer Scouters to get out and participate in your respective Scouters Clubs and/or Area meetings. Your presence and participation is always most welcome, so bring along your thoughts and ideas to share…you’ll be surprised at the outcome!

One final word I once shared with my military colleagues when I retired from the Forces while in Quebec: “Je ne dis jamais au revoir, je dis toujours…à la prochaine”, which translates “I never say good-bye, I always say…until next time!”

Yours in Scouting,


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