Shining Waters Council Newsletter - Mar 2019 
Shining Waters Council Stock Banner showing Scouts walking a forest trail.  Image from Haliburton Scout Reserve Summer 2018.
The Winter Camp of a Lifetime!
By Wendy Burke, Area Youth Commissioner

In mid-February, the Scouts and Venturers from 1st Stroud braved the cold temperatures and camped outdoors at Camp Wildman. Despite the blistering cold temperatures, they had a great weekend in the Adirondacks and had almost the entire property to themselves. The highlight of the weekend was definitely the cardboard sled races. Scouts and Venturers, armed with only a roll of duct tape, a few pieces of cardboard and their vivid imaginations, divided into teams to design and create their own cardboard sleds. Each team was judged on design, speed, distance and how well it stayed together after the first run down the hill! Youth and Scouters had a blast watching the sleds come together. In the end the scouters couldn’t make up their minds and declared a tie. The youth honed their outdoor cooking skills, and enjoyed chili and apple pie rolls for dinner and dessert. A great weekend was had by all.
Camp Wildman Gets A New Lease On Life
By Scouter Richard Billings

Several years ago, the “cabin by the creek” (Toache) was closed down.  It was followed some time later by the “large cabin” (Cahiague) and then the “nine bunk” (Teanaustaye). All of them overcome by mold and other maintenance issues that needed addressed.  They lay dark, no more temporary residents would occupy their spaces, except for the various animals that took advantage of the now humanless dwellings. No more would the cabins hear the laughter of youth and adults alike that once used the cabins for camps, retreats, and training.
Until recently that is. Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers under the leadership of Camp Chairman Craig Carr. A committee that may be small in number; but huge in their passion and love for Camp Wildman. Strong is their desire to share it with the Scouters and youth of today.
So strong in fact, that once they mobilized – changes started to happen. It started with the large cabin (42 bunks).  A process which took several months, working weekends, March break and almost entirely on volunteer labour. The walls and ceiling were removed, and what was hidden behind the drywall was addressed. Mould cleaned up and removed, animals evicted, and the wiring replaced. Finally the walls and ceiling were returned and a huge clean up took place. A wood fireplace was donated by Napoleon and takes up residence in the lower part of the cabin. Once complete, the cabin was reopened for business. Once again, the cabin was able to do its job – provide a safe place for Scouting adventures of all types.
Work continues with the cabin by the creek.  The cabin which had been dormant the longest of the three. The very cabin, which many in the past forecasted would never see occupancy again. It too, now open and ready for Scouting adventures. This cabin has 24 bunks, a small kitchen and with thanks to Napoleon, a wood fireplace.
While all this work was taking place, two dedicated Scouters, Don Millar and Warren Blogg, created what many Scouters had on the wish list for Camp Wildman for some time. A new, large camp fire area. Several benches allow the area to be used for large Area camps or camps were several sections decide to share a camp fire. A raised platform area for presentations, skits and leading songs and skits mean that there really isn’t a bad seat in the house, so to speak.
For those of you concerned about the Kybos (outhouses), don’t fret. They too are getting a make over. Starting with the KYBOs nearest the large cabin, they are getting new floors, improved lighting, and tiled walls.   A fan was also installed to keep that familiar, what should I call it – odour – at bay.  You can notice it on your bottom when you site down! The tiled walls combined with the new lighting and floors, and the absence of that odour, mean that you will hardly notice you are using an outhouse.   Just don’t look for the flush handles, we haven’t got that far yet.
The committee continues to meet on a monthly basis discussion both short and long term plans for the camp. More improvements are in the works and the committee continues to work hard to keep Wildman maintained and in good shape for our youth.  A work weekend is planned for this spring. If you can spare a few hours or a whole day, please come out and be a part of this change.  A date will be announced soon.
If you have not been to Camp Wildman, or it has been a long time since you have, please come out and see it.  Spend the day on your own, or bring your section for the weekend.
For more information on Camp Wildman please visit or email Scouter Craig Carr at to ask how you can get involved.  
Scouter Don Millar
Has Gone Home
Scouter Don Millar passed away Tuesday, March 19, 2019 two days before his 65th birthday as a result of emergency surgery. Scouter Don's family will be receiving his 25 year pin and certificate. He was a friend to many and a person who could be called upon to help out. He did so much for the youth of Scouts Canada over the years. He tirelessly devoted many hours to maintain and make improvements at Camp Wildman He assisted with camps, canoe trips and various outings and was a joy to be around. All of us who knew Scouter Don will miss him, his jokes and smile.
Burk's Falls BP Bash
By Scouter Doug Brown

Burk's Falls and Area Scouting have held a B.P. Bash for 24 years straight.

This year over 80 Guiding and Scouting members plus families in Almaguin Highlands learned about Reptile Adventure Camp from Bonfield.

The youth were able to learn, touch and hold snakes, poisonous reptiles, spiders and tortoise's from around the world. 
SLS Agonquin Camp Registration Now Open
I’m pleased to say that Registration for Algonquin 2019 is now open. Click the button below to get all the details including this year's registration form .

If you are a returning member you will notice that the form for both Scouts and Cubs is the same.  Please ensure you mark the appropriate section when completing the form.  
We also have a new email address which will be used to receive etransfers. These will automatically be deposited in the bank when you send them so no password will be required.  Registration forms should still be sent to

Please ensure you mark on the form your method of payment and we will be back in touch to confirm the arrangements.
Have a great day.
Camp Registrar
By Scouter Baloo
8th Richmond Hill
8th Richmond Hill Indoor Campfire
The 8th Richmond Hill Cubs attended the York Headwaters Area Indoor Campfire on Feb 19. The Cubs rocked the youth and adults with "Boom Chica Boom" song and a hilarious "We've No Skit" skit. The Pack concluded the fun event with the Cub Scout Prayer. It was great to interact with so many other youths from different groups. We're looking forward to next year's event already!
Scout-Guide Week in Whispering Pines Area
Scouts and Guides from Orillia celebrated Scout-Guide Week with a flag raising at the City Centre with Councillor Jay Fallis.
Scouts and Guides from Bracebridge celebrated Scout-Guide Week with the annual flag raising at the Town Office with Mayor Graydon Smith.
Toronto Scout Shop Specials
Standard First Aid Training
The Simcoe County Medvents are offering a Standard First Aid course for April 27-28th (Orangeville), May 11 and 12th or July 13-14th in the Barrie area. Cost for the course is $95 and cheques can be made out to 1st Simcoe County Medvents. If you would like to sign up for the training please complete the link or fill out the registration form. For more info please email

Please note there is a max if 20 participants and first come first serve. Payment is required to confirm spot.
Open Council Volunteer Positions
Shining Waters Council is looking for some volunteers. This is the first in a series of open Assistant Council Commissioner (ACC) volunteer job positions. The openings below are under the Deputy Council Commissioner (DCC) Operations. If interested, please submit your resume/expression of interest to

All Section Country Hoedown Camp Registration
We are pleased to invite you to our All Section Country Hoedown Camp!!
Our Hoedown will be held at:
The Georgian Bay Steam Show
May 31st - June 2nd

Cost is $30/person or $20 for Offer of Service

Here is the link to complete the online group registration form:

For Offer of Service Registration please use this link:

If you would prefer a good ol' paper form please email us at .

Only fill out 1 registration form for your whole group.

Deadline for Registration is Sunday April 28 th

Please email us at if you don’t have scouter coverage but still want to attend as we can link you up with another group. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Payment can be made by etransfer or by cheque.

Please make cheques payable to Scouts Canada 1st Barrie Foresters and mail them to:

Diana Smith
3808 Horseshoe Valley Road West,
Minesing ON L9X 1E4

Etransfer can be made by sending payment to , use the password “ hoedown ” and provide the following information in the comments section:
  • Group Name/OOS Person Name
  • Event Name (Area Camp)
  • # attending and paid for (for the group registration) or state OOS

Please send OOS payments separately so that they can be credited to the correct person for payment.

More details related to the camp will be sent out as they become available. It is sure to be a Boot Scootin’ All Around good time that you won’t want to miss.
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there!
Thank you, 
Diana Smith, All Section Camp Registrar
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