April 16, 2020
Shining a Light...
It is important for all of us to take care of ourselves during this pandemic, but it is essential for us to acknowledge the inherent darkness within our society that has caused so much trauma and injustice for vulnerable communities that is exposed by this crisis. At this point in time, complacency is not an option.

It is our collective obligation to confront the fact that our system is and has been flawed for too long, at the expense of those who are most in need of help. Black communities across the country are experiencing disproportional death rates . Ableist anxiety surrounding physical distancing ignores the fact that many disabled people have been isolated or segregated their whole lives . The reality that it takes a global pandemic for governments to take action towards resolving the homelessness crisis is egregious, and even then there are glaring holes in the plan .

To confront these issues and more, we must collaborate to create monumental change. Click here to read more.
Help Your Neighbors
URG (Unhoused Response Group) has distributed over 1,000 COVID kits containing coronavirus safety information, hand sanitizer, masks and more to unhoused individuals across the county, and they are tirelessly working to assemble and donate more.

You can help by donating to their efforts at: PayPal.me/GraceSolutionsSJ with a memo line that states “COVID Kits.” or by sending checks or cash to:
COVID Kits C/O Grace Solutions
484 E. San Fernando Street
San Jose, CA 95112.
Covid Assist is connecting neighbors who need help with neighbors who can offer help to get us all through this pandemic.

"Ideal volunteers are people without symptoms and who are not members of vulnerable populations (i.e. senior citizens, immunocompromised, or those with other related health risks). Tasks will be non-medical, such as picking up groceries, but nonetheless essential to help the most vulnerable people remain at home where they are the safest."
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Volunteers Needed

Do you have extra time and an idea of how you'd like to help your community? Do you write, do art, or know of an action that is going on?

During this time of physical distancing , we stand in social solidarity . Help us be the resource center you want and need us to become.

To volunteer send us an email or fill out our "Join Our Team" Form. All opportunities are remote at this point in time.
Call to Action!

The San José Peace and Justice Center has signed onto the Open Letter to Care Providers and Hospitals as part of the #NoBodyIsDisposable Campaign. Triage policies in COVID-19 Care disproportionately affect disabled people, fat people, elders, and people with chronic illnesses, as well as so many oppressed groups "already considered disposable by capitalist, white supremacist society."
What We're Reading / Listening To / Watching...
Michele has written a letter to different branches of government regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities in the emergency preparedness plans at local, county, and state levels.

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