A Note from Scott and Marsha
June 11, 2020
We have a lot of random thoughts in this story. Outside of rain that has been a real pain in the tush, glimpses of sunshine make everyone happy.

Scott and I enjoyed some time away. We actually laughed driving back that we had only one argument on the trip. He responds with, “Yeh, you acted up only one time.” If you know Scott, he has a witty sense of humor. He has also learned to sleep with one eye open.

We know when we are gone, we are also still available to our team. I love the pictures I receive. I saw we have some baby ducks that hatched, and I can’t wait to meet them. Sean and John have kept me updated on them as I worry about losing them to the turtles.

I also receive pictures of the staff making amazing things like what you see in this picture! Aurora took a cracked birdbath and repurposed it into this amazing succulent planter. It made me think of how we might be chipped and cracked ourselves, but we can still be made into something beautiful.

And last year, we sat and giggled on the beach when the peach truck came because it was crazy to see all the fun. But this year? We will be here for the Peach Truck madness! We are so excited! I might even be dipping peach Sunset Slush with wine pour overs for fun, or maybe I’ll shove myself in the Olaf costume and melt with the kids. Either way, we are thrilled to participate this year with everyone! Who doesn't love fresh Georgia peaches?

Come visit FGS for all sorts of fun. Bring your chipped and broken self and find the joy of bringing green home with us. We think all things are beautiful and bloom in their own time. It just takes a bit of patience.
"THE POTTING SHED" will be open Thursday-Sunday this week serving beer, wine, cider, seltzer, mimosas and Sunset Slush!! Sunset Slush is a smooth Italian ice that can be enjoyed by all ages! It is dairy-free, gluten-free, full of flavor and amazingly refreshing! Adults can enjoy Sunset Slush topped with white wine or champagne for a cold and delicious adult treat! We will have multiple flavors available. Enjoy a cold beverage as you shop with plenty of space for social distancing! Click HERE for hours and menu.
While this beauty may not have the size of its sister trees, the Magnolia figo 'Serendipity' is just as fragrant and lovely. It is a flowering evergreen shrub that likes full sun. It needs to be planted in an area protected from wind. Other common names include Banana Shrub and Port Wine Magnolia. It has fragrant creamy white flowers on glossy leaves. New leaf growth has soft brown fuzz covering the underside.
If you are looking for a tree that is fast-growing and a prolific bloomer, Crape Myrtles are an excellent choice. We have trees that bloom pink, lavender, red and white. We also have a variety of sizes ranging from a 2 foot tall shrub to the Natchez or Muskogee varieties which can grow up to 25 feet tall! Crape Myrtles are blooming now, and you will enjoy the blooms most of the summer!
Vitex Shoal Creek, also commonly known as Chaste Tree, is actually a lovely shrub that can reach 15 feet tall but is more commonly kept as a vase shaped shrub around 5-7 feet tall. It has lavender colored, lightly-scented flowers that bees and butterflies both enjoy. Plant in full sun. Once it is established, this shrub is very drought-tolerant, which is always a plus in our area!
Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Join us for a succulent container class on Wednesday evening, June 17th, in the Garden Center from 6-7:30pm. One of our talented plant coaches will walk you step by step to create a beautiful container garden for yourself or to give as a gift. The cost of the class is $45 and includes your container, succulents, soil and supplies. We will also send you home with instructions on how to properly care for your succulents. The Potting Shed will be open if you'd like to purchase a glass of wine, cider, beer or hard seltzer. Get some friends together and join us for a night of fun! We will have plenty of space for social distancing. Register here !
*This will be an outdoor event (unless it rains) so dress comfortably.*
The Georgia Peach Truck is coming with fresh, juicy, delicious Georgia peaches on Tuesday, June 16 from 3:00-4:30PM. You will be able to pre-order your peaches or stop by and grab a box. The Potting Shed will be open from 12-6PM and Brooklyn Boys Pizza truck will be here 2-6PM, so plan to make an afternoon of it! Check out our website for more details and links to pre-order. We will share more information on Facebook and Instagram .
This week, take a moment to read our post suggesting plants that attract pollinators, repel pests, and plants that complement each other well . Strategic planting is crucial to the success of your garden. Don't be afraid to try new things!

June's lawn and garden to do list is here! It's getting hot out there, and will likely only get hotter, so don't delay on getting outside and taking care of these critical tasks!
We post daily to Instagram @fgsdurham (Garden Center) and @fgslandscapes (Landscape and Lawn Maintenance) and Facebook to keep you up to speed with the latest information about what we are up to, what's in stock, or all the fun we're having!
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