Bulky Items

Final Mile used to mean the delivery of small packages via UPS and FedEx
to residential neighborhoods and urban addresses. Now it means the delivery of almost anything ordered online from exercise equipment to patio furniture
to complete bedroom sets. With the increase in the size of products comes added complexity and challenges. While consumers are conditioned to expect everything they order online will arrive with typical overnight ease, Final Mile deliveries are often more expensive and more difficult. They require
additional labor, tools, and equipment (trucks with lift gates and dollies, etc.) and crews with specialized experience in moving and assembly. There is constant friction between the consumer, the seller, and the carrier over who should pay for this ‘White Glove’ service, leaving many carriers struggling to maintain operating margins.

According to a 2021 survey by Digital Commerce 360, 98% of consumers said the delivery experience was a crucial part of their loyalty to a brand. The expectation today is that a buyer will be provided with a defined delivery time or even allowed to schedule a time that fits best with their schedule. Final Mile companies that can provide visibility and an accurate delivery window are viewed in a much more favorable light. According to ‘Demand and Supply Chain Executive’, 93% of consumers want to stay informed and have visibility throughout the delivery process and 47% won’t order again from any company that doesn’t provide tracking information. Sellers and well-run carrier operations have been able to respond to this consumer demand due to advancements in technology provided by companies like DispatchTrack and others, that optimize routes and provide automated communications.
Fulfillment 3PL

As soon as a buyer orders a product online, the clock starts to get it to them quickly, safely, and efficiently. Assuming the seller’s volume is sufficient to warrant working with a 3PL fulfillment company, the shipping process, (order picking, packaging, labeling, etc.) and product distribution will be handled expeditiously, no matter through what channel the order arrives. Planning software determines the most affordable or best rates and routes depending on buyer preferences to reduce transit time and costs. Working with a 3PL can be an ideal solution for seasonal fluctuations in sales and labor. Choosing the right fulfillment provider often comes down to the right fit for your business. Do they have experience in your industry? Can they provide integration with your shopping cart and provide 24/7 access to inventory levels? Look beyond price and decide if they can be a responsive and trusted business partner. Sometimes it’s intangible qualities that make all the difference in a professional relationship.
ShipRight is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to its clients. We listen to and partner with our clients, work hard to exceed their expectations through every interaction, and always stand behind our promises. Our experienced and committed team takes great pride in what they do and our goal is your success.

We offer a broad array of services including order fulfillment, contact center and final mile delivery. These can be utilized as stand-alone services or fully integrated to meet your needs. 

Benefit by leveraging our investment, infrastructure and experience so you can focus on the growth of your business. Contact us today and see how we can help you save time, money and stress.
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