Delivery Challenges

The past year has accelerated the adoption of online shopping and while some deliveries are straightforward, many pose real challenges for carriers.

Thousands of packages are delivered every day to large high-rise apartments and condo developments. Depending on the building or community rules that can mean at a tenant’s door, or left in a secure lobby area or office, or dropped off at a communal parcel locker. 

Deliveries to individual homes are easier but those packages can be tempting targets for thieves. Theft of packages left in visible locations such as front porches, has become national news and a great advertisement for the installation of exterior security video cameras.

If a delivery fails to reach the end user, retailers usually get blamed and are liable for the replacement cost or refund, as well as a loss of customer satisfaction and waste of valuable time.

Sellers and carriers are picking up their game to avoid these claims, asking for detailed delivery and contact information, as well as access to more secure locations to lessen the risk of any unwanted issues.
Reverse Logistics

Consumers call them returns but in our business the process is known as reverse logistics. These days supply chains have to work efficiently in both directions, as industry statistics show up to 20% of e-commerce and retail items are returned. All of these goods have to move from the end user back to the seller or manufacturer, where they are either resold or disposed of, depending on condition.

Returns Process:
  • Inbound receipt
  • Inspection
  • Refund management
  • Return to retail or Disposal
  • Warranty claims
  • Refurbishment
  • Repackaging
  • Digital visibility

Consumers expect a high level of service and the returns process can often be as valuable to brand building as the original quality of the product. Companies such as L.L. Bean and Zappos built their national brands on outstanding customer service and ease of returns. With a sound reverse logistics plan in place, you can reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
Time Definite Last Mile

According to a recent LinkedIn survey by Milkman Technologies, the number one last mile delivery service that respondents favored was a “Time Definite Retailer”.
“This option includes pure e-commerce and marketplaces but can be applied also to brick and mortar shops that decide to go Omni channel with an online presence." Milkman June 2021

This speaks to an increasing business trend, enabled by technology and enhanced customer service, to provide end-to-end visibility to ensure a positive buying experience.

Deliveries used to be defined by their expected day of arrival. Now consumers are increasingly drawn to buying experiences that give them the ability to custom order, pay and track online.

The ability to provide a time-definite delivery window, no matter if the product is a consumable or a piece of furniture, increases the end users’ convenience and security, and gives marketers and carriers able to offer that level of service, a real advantage.
E-Commerce Fulfillment Trends

The worldwide pandemic changed the way US consumers shop. Buying online and picking up in store or curbside is common and everyone expects free shipping. It’s been a game changer for e-commerce companies.

As buying moved online, the customer experience became virtual as well. Product information, an efficient ordering (and returns) process, and remote communication options like inbound call centers and web chat are more important than ever, both pre and post sale. Businesses need to successfully integrate across multiple e-commerce platforms and manage inventory in real time.

If businesses don’t have those capabilities, they need to find a full service fulfillment company that does. Outsourcing fulfillment can solve other non- technical challenges too, like finding trained labor to pick and pack products, and taking advantage of the most economical ways to ship them.  

At times, large carriers like UPS and FedEx were unable to keep up with demand. Working with an integrated fulfillment company can help mitigate those risks, especially if marketers and manufacturers sell larger items that need Final Mile or White Glove service.

All of this comes down to increasing customer satisfaction. That’s nothing new but how it gets done is evolving rapidly.
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