Customer Service is a Strategic Advantage

Excellent customer service has increasingly become one of the most important factors influencing buying decisions. The main qualities of a professionally run customer service function include:
  • Sound product and company knowledge
  • Fluent spoken and written language
  • Ability to listen and respond
  • Problem solving skills and flexibility
  • Professional attitude

Above all an upbeat and positive approach when dealing with customers demonstrates enthusiasm and confidence in a good outcome. In our increasingly commoditized world where many purchases are cost driven, great customer service is a key distinguishing factor for any company, and especially for those of us in the call center, fulfillment and delivery business.
Why Customer Service Process is Critical

Many business services are repeated daily, weekly and monthly, and they need to be standardized to run smoothly. While core functions like Customer Service do require some level of flexibility, rules need to be established to cover the scope and methods of how, what and why requests are honored and handled. 

If a customer service department is run on the fly, playing favorites, succumbing to client pressure and making decisions on an ad hoc basis, it will negatively impact your customers and the company. A lack of process erodes internal morale and productivity because ambiguity and guesswork quickly undermines a team’s ability to work together. 

Without any standardization business becomes an operational nightmare of endless decisions made without regard to fairness, consistency or cost. Managers should have a clear understanding of company process and take the lead in communicating it to their colleagues.
Sometimes You Should Say 'No' to Clients 

Companies work hard to win customers so it seems counterproductive to even consider saying no to client requests, especially in a customer service function.

There are times when it makes sense however. Being a pushover can send an even more negative message to customers, who can interpret always saying ‘yes’ as a lack of professionalism and standards, as well as weakness of character.

Making promises the company can’t keep is a surefire way to destroy a brand’s reputation. If a client tries to manipulate their relationship by making an unreasonable request, the customer service representative should feel comfortable holding the line in the spirit of fairness to other clients, integrity and transparency.

It doesn’t have to be a hard ‘no’ either. A creative customer service department might be able to suggest alternative ways to achieve the client’s goals, demonstrating responsiveness and flexibility without sacrificing process. Perhaps it’s a payment plan instead of a discount. Of course there are clients from hell that won’t pay on time and are more trouble than they’re worth. Saying no to them is good for morale and the bottom line.
Trends in Customer Service

Almost 80% of customers say that they are more loyal to businesses offering top-notch service, which includes short wait times, ease of use across multiple platforms, language proficiency and improved automation. Customers are quick to react to a bad experience and with so many people shopping online and expecting fast home deliveries, customer service is becoming a real brand differentiator.

The top customer service expectations are:
  • Quick resolutions
  • Helpful and empathetic agents
  • 24/7 support
  • Ability to use preferred channels
  • Proactive support

Whether you’re selling smaller items that require live and automated customer support, or larger items delivered by Final Mile companies, those interactions with customers are critical to your business. Cost cannot be your only measure of who to work with when outsourcing those functions. You need to choose the right partner that shares your values, or you could be exposing your business and your brand to customer attrition and reputational risk.
ShipRight is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to its clients. We listen to and partner with our clients, work hard to exceed their expectations through every interaction, and always stand behind our promises. Our experienced and committed team takes great pride in what they do and our goal is your success.

We offer a broad array of services including order fulfillment, contact center and final mile delivery. These can be utilized as stand-alone services or fully integrated to meet your needs. 

Benefit by leveraging our investment, infrastructure and experience so you can focus on the growth of your business. Contact us today and see how we can help you save time, money and stress.
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