The Importance of Customer Engagement

Your customers expect to be able connect with your business in many different ways, from direct calls to email and social media. Providing convenient and easy channels for communication allows you to stay connected to customers from their first interaction with your brand to their purchase decision and beyond. Highly engaged customers spend more on each purchase and buy more frequently. This is especially true for small to mid-size companies competing against larger market competitors. Social media has become the go-to channel for many companies but it’s important to remember there’s no real control over commentary in the public domain. Sometimes nothing beats the convenience and immediacy of a live person to address consumer questions. If you can’t provide this important functionality, consider the high value to be gained by outsourcing those services.
The Value of White Glove Service

Every distributor, marketer or manufacturer selling large, bulky items (such as outdoor living products, exercise equipment, furniture etc.) to the residential consumer market, needs a high quality, professional Final Mile delivery partner. The importance of this choice, representing the final link in the supply chain, and often the only human interaction with the consumer, can’t be overstated. Most companies only have the capability to drop off large items curbside or in a home’s driveway. White Glove service provides an additional opportunity for delivery professionals to engage with and satisfy the customer, by assembling and setting up their purchases inside the home, and even removing all packing materials. Finding a delivery company that can consistently execute on the promise of White Glove Service is one of the strongest possible extensions of your brand.
Managing Peak Demand

What used to be known as a “surge season” or periods of “peak demand” in the logistics business is now becoming a year-round phenomenon. The rapid increase in e-commerce during the pandemic, along with the forced decline in physical retail shopping, looks like it’s created a permanent shift in consumer behavior. This increased volume is affecting the transportation industry in unprecedented ways. Drivers, warehouse workers and space for inventory are all hard to come by, as networks strain to meet the demand for ever-faster deliveries seven days a week. Sellers dealing with any kind of volume need to either try to build their own workforce and operation, or save money and time by hiring a professional fulfillment and delivery company with existing infrastructure and personnel already in place. Now that consumers have a taste for fast turnaround and deliveries, the demand is unlikely to change.
Hiring and Retaining Labor 

For many of us in the supply chain business, hiring and retaining working-age people without a college degree is increasingly problematic. Why? Enhanced unemployment benefits due to the pandemic have certainly exacerbated the problem, but hopefully that won’t last much longer and this trend began years ago. Many young adults are avoiding traditional trade jobs and pursuing higher education or other marketable skills. At the same time e-commerce has exploded, creating a surge in demand for transportation and warehouse workers. This has led to job-hopping for minimal wage differences, benefits and incentives, and less interest in developing a long-term career. Employers need to widen their search to include a broader demographic, use social media, offer referrals and sign-on bonuses and shorten the recruiting process, often to only one interview. It’s important to maintain rigorous hiring standards however because your employees are often the ultimate expression of your brand.
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