Delivery Theft Prevention

With e-commerce thriving and seven day a week direct home deliveries becoming common, it seems just about everyone is enjoying the convenience of online shopping.
Of course that also means residents who are unable to secure exterior locations are at constant risk of package theft. And if a package is stolen, there is no real recourse with retailers or delivery companies.

Here are some ways you can prevent falling victim to this annoying and upsetting type of theft:

  • Schedule deliveries if possible – a more likely option with larger items
  • Invest in a front porch combination lock box
  • Add extra delivery location instructions: “Drop off in rear” for example
  • Use Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery to leave packages inside your garage
  • Keep an eye on deliveries and thieves with a video doorbell
  • Choose an alternative delivery location like your office
  • Use Amazon Hub which provides a network of locations with self-service lockers
  • Use Amazon Counter which offers participating commercial locations for pick up
  • Make it obvious you have a home security system with external cameras

In a recent survey of 1,000 Americans, over 18% said they had fallen victim to package thefts in the past 4 months. As the holiday season starts up, don’t get too busy to protect your orders through one or more of these relatively easy steps to save yourself unnecessary loss, frustration and time.
Why Fuel Surcharges Are Necessary

As consumers, we all feel the alliterative “pinch at the pump” when gas prices go up and negatively impact our spending power and household budgets. In the world of commercial trucking, transportation companies need to be able to move and deliver goods under the constraints of annual contract pricing, while maintaining a consistent and reasonable operating margin.

Given the fact that fuel prices can and do change frequently due to a multitude of uncontrollable elements, the only way to stabilize these costs without taking a frequent hit to the bottom line, is to impose fair and reasonable fuel surcharges calculated weekly.

While there are many different formulas used to calculate fuel surcharges, the goal is a fair and transparent agreement that allows both shipper and carrier to remain profitable rather than suffer from the vagaries of the fuel market.
Grow Your Business. Hire A Fulfillment Company

Fulfillment is defined as the achievement of a goal. It’s also a business model that allows companies to outsource their product storage, picking and packing of orders and product shipments to its customers. A good fulfillment company provides specialty services like cross docking, kitting and assembly, freight repair, and even customer service and returns.

Once product has shipped, fulfillment companies update the status of orders on an
e-commerce platform, POS or order management system. They can also set up automatic email notifications for customers, providing shipping confirmation and tracking. All of these valuable services are designed to help small marketers, manufacturers and e-commerce businesses scale more easily. 

Is it a good time to consider outsourcing? If order volume is growing and customers are more geographically diverse, and if a disproportionate amount of management’s time is spent running the warehouse and shipping functions rather than on product development and marketing, the answer is yes.

This makes particularly good sense during the holiday months with a limited time frame to capitalize on peak sales. It provides immediate flexibility and the ability to expand without adding extra personnel and space.
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We offer a broad array of services including order fulfillment, contact center and final mile delivery. These can be utilized as stand-alone services or fully integrated to meet your needs. 

Benefit by leveraging our investment, infrastructure and experience so you can focus on the growth of your business. Contact us today and see how we can help you save time, money and stress.
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