Shipping in Cryovials, XtalTool in JoVE,
Career Resources & Our ACA Wrap-Up

Easy Shipping of Crystals Mounted in Cryovials
Changes at MX Beamlines in Europe
Many crystallography beamlines in Europe now accept or require looped crystals to be sent using the Uni-puck format for automated sample mounting.

Other beamlines still require samples sent mounted in SPINE Baskets with CryoVials .

Developed in collaboration with Diamond Light Source & The Medical Research Council, the MiTeGen CombiPuck™ System helps users be ready to access any beamtime.
All-in-one Sample Holder Highlight in JoVE
Improved Hanging Drop Setup
JoVE presents a video journal article reviewing the uses of the XtalTool an all-in-one sample holder for Macro-molecular X-ray Crystallography with Minimal Background Scattering.

The video illustrates the uses and benefits of using XtalTool for crystallization, soaking, and data collection. Career Resources
Looking for a Career Change or Job?
Our friends at offer a careers page that lists career and job openings ranging from beamline scientists to software engineer. Positions are available from around the world.
American Crystallography Association Meeting
Post 2019 ACA Wrap-Up
We want to thank those of you who stopped by our booth and/or attended the Biological Structure Determination using Cryo-EM workshop we cosponsored during the American Crystallography Association annual meeting.

The ACA annual meeting provides researchers and scientist the opportunity to see some of the latest developments in crystallography and related fields.
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