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Moisturizing Gel w/Pearl Powder (Scented Version)
ON SALE while supplies last!

We are discontinuing this version with Optiphen (to be replaced with a new preservative blend)

Our Moisturizing Gel with Pearl Powder is great for anyone who needs a moisturizer, but feels that creams are too heavy for their skin. It keeps skin moisturized and refreshed, while also nourished by all natural ingredients. Extremely healing and conditioning, this gel dries matte and acts as a protective barrier on the skin. A perfect choice for all skin types, especially oily or sensitive.         
Find it here!        

Calendula Oil 
How many of you are interested in having Calendula Oil infused into High Linoleic Safflower Oil?

Calendula has many benefits for the skin..
- anti-inflammatory
- calming
- healing to damaged or irritated skin 

Not everyone's skin agrees with Olive Oil (our current version of this oil)
We are thinking of offering this as a 2nd version. 

                        Email us to let us know! :) 

Organic Tamanu Nut Oil (Gently Filtered)
NEW Version Available 

For those of you that find out original Organic Tamanu Oil too rich, give our Organic Gently Filtered
Tamanu Oil a try. 

Get your Glow Back Turmeric Mask
(New Formula!)

This product is wonderful, we get great feedback for it.. but...
It has a hard time staying blended..

We have changed the formula a few times due to this,
and wanted to update you on our current rendition.

We have added bentonite clay and Galactobarian
to help with this and each has their own added benefits.

Bentonite Clay will help pull impurities out of the skin,
and Galactobarian is soothing, healing and gives a nice slip.

If you want the original formula, please email us for a custom order.

Find our Get your Glow Back Turmeric Mask here

    What are you looking for?    

What products/ingredients are you looking for that we don't carry. Or is there a combination of ingredients you are looking for?   Is there a new ingredient on the market you are wondering about?  

    Recent feedback from one of our longtime customers :)

We thought this one was particularly special :)

Hello Jen, After reading this (recent newsletter about mind/skin connection) I knew I had to respond because reading this has finally given me an answer as to why my skin had such an emotional hold on me.  I get it now but its nice to know others will too after seeing that there is finally a word for this and the association between mind and skin. I know you know my story but others do not.  I will break it down as simply as I can so your readers will understand. 
I was never happy with my skin from an early age. I was always looking at peoples faces and comparing them to mine.  They all seemed so flawless while I had huge pores, blemishes and an overall redness to it.  My skin didn't hold me back in life but it was always my sore spot so to speak.  I went on to marry and have two children and about 8 years ago my skin started acting up.  Hives, rashes, red spots(not pimples), irritation, flushing, and clogged pores.  I had started menopause early (42) and I'm sure this played a part but the more my skin got out of control, so did I.  I started to spiral and became obsessed with finding an answer as to what was going on.  I became depressed and pulled back socially from the outside and I was only comfortable with my family. I saw Dr after Dr  and changed my diet and nothing made a difference. I then came to GOW and everyone here helped a great deal with offering their advice and answering questions. I got into therapy and finally stuck with a GOW routine (like Jen swears by!) and after 3 long years I started to see a difference.  I started to come out of that place that had such a hold on me.  It was still in the early stages but I saw a difference and that gave me hope.   My skin has been happy for a couple of years now and I don't obsess over it at all.  I simply use my GOW products and have complete faith that if I wake to something on my face in the morning, it is not the end of the world like I once thought and all I have to do is reach in my cabinet and know I will have something from Garden of Wisdom that will help.  
Unfortunately while my skin was healing, my marriage was breaking.  My husband never did understand what I went through and the mental anguish that it caused me.  He left two years ago after being together 27 years and although that was like a death for me and I didn't know how I would recover from the loss, I will tell you my skin has never looked better!!!   Have faith as there is no reason you have to suffer anymore with so many forms of help for your skin and now mind!! ~ D.W.  
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