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Shir Chadash Weekly Newsletter
September 7-14, 2018
Looking Ahead!
Friday, September 7th
6:15 pm , Friday Night Services

Saturday, September 8th
9:30 am , Shabbat Services followed by Kiddush lunch

10:30 am , Learning to Lead for ages 7-12

Sunday, September 9th - Erev Rosh Hashanah
9:15 am , Minyan followed by Men's Club breakfast

8:00 pm , Evening Service followed by dessert reception sponsored by the Past Presidents of Sisterhood

Monday, September 10th-Rosh Hashanah
8:30 am , Rosh Hashanah Morning Service

5:45 pm , Tashlich (meet at Rabbi's house)

6:45 pm , Minchah/Ma'ariv at the synagogue

Tuesday, September 11th-Rosh Hashanah
8:30 am , Rosh Hashanah Morning Service

6:45 pm , Minchah/Ma'ariv
Wednesday, September 12th
7:00 am , Minyan (Fast of Gedaliah, no breakfast)

Thursday, September 13th
7:00 am , Yahrzeit minyan for Lisa Finkelstein's father, Sidney Aron

Friday, September 14th
6:15 pm , Friday night Service

Saturday, September 15th
9:30 am , Service for Shabbat Shuvah

10:30 am , Learning to Lead

Sunday, September 16th
9:15 am , Minyan followed by Men's Club breakfast

11:00 am , Memorial Prayer at New Chevra Thilim Cemetery

Monday, September 17th
7:00 pm, Regular Board Meeting followed by Executive Committee Meeting

High Holiday Information here
Parashat Nitzavim
Torah: Deuteronomy 29:9-30:20
Haftarah: Isaiah 61:10-63:9
High Holiday Parking
Parking spaces are available in three places on our campus - in our main parking lot, in the alleyway behind the social hall, and in the row facing Marseilles Place. Please keep the circular driveway by the sanctuary open for those who are dropping off/picking up. If all of our parking spots are filled, you may park on the surrounding streets, but please be considerate of our neighbors and avoid parking on their grass, blocking driveways, etc.  

We have seven designated handicapped handicapped parking places in our main parking lot (three adjacent to the door, four facing West Esplanade). During the High Holy Days, we also reserve additional spots for those requiring special assistance. These spaces will be in the center row of the parking lot facing the door and will be clearly marked with signs. They are free of charge and available on a first come, first serve basis. Please let the office know if you are planning to make use of the handicapped and/or special assistance spaces so we can be sure to designate enough of them.
Guests in our Sukkah
Last year when we dedicated our Sukkah we asked every person in Shir Chadash to be one of our  ushpizin  – Sukkah guests - and to fill the Sukkah with their wisdom. All those photographs survived last year’s storms and we will use them again! But if you did not send something last year - please, send us a photograph of you – alone or with your relatives - plus a short piece (20 words or less) of your wisdom. It can be something a member of your family used to say or a principle by which you live. We will laminate the photos, put your wisdom on the back of them and hang them in the Sukkah as decorations.
Please get your photographs and wisdom to Danielle NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 21ST so that we all have time to prepare.

Sukkot Dinner
Friday, September 28th
Services at 6:15 pm
Dedication of Brener Family Sukkah Plaque
Dinner to Follow (approx. 6:45 pm)
A generous anonymous donor has stepped in to help us reduce the price of this dinner! Now $18.00 for adults
and $15 for children, 
Free for children 3 and under.
Sisterhood Lunch and Book Review
Stimulate your mind and nourish your body while attending the first Sisterhood book review and lunch of the season!

1947 Where Now Begins by Elizabeth Asbrink

Reviewed by Judy Steinberg
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
12:00 pm at Shir Chadash
$10.00 per person

RSVP to Charisse Sands, 504-231-6464 or annsandsc@aol.com  by September 23rd.

Weather permitting, we will dine in the sukkah!!

Wanted: Address of College and Graduate School Students!
Sisterhood would like to keep in touch with your college and graduate school students. Please send their contact information including their physical address to Charisse Sands at  annsandsc@aol.com as soon as possible.
Community News
Schedule of Weekly Services
Fridays, 6:15 pm 
Saturdays, 9:30 am

Sundays, 9:15 am
Wednesdays, 7:00 am

*Both Minyans are followed by breakfast*
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Weekly Donations
Caring Committee Fund     
Paul & Laurie Sterbcow & Family     
Our deepest sympathy on the loss your father & grandfather, Louis         
Sue Rae & Ken Bishop

Paul & Laurie Sterbcow & Family     
In memory of your beloved father & grandfather, Louis         
Natalie & Charles Cohen

General Fund
For Honors Received
Jacqueline & Beryl Ames

In appreciation of inspiring Shabbat mornings
Jacqueline & Beryl Ames

Holiday Greetings to all who make them possible. With our wishes and blessings for a Sweet New Year for the entire congregation
Jacqueline & Beryl Ames
Gilda Finkelstein Gift of Israel Fund
In memory of Carrie Finkelstein, Gerson Finkelstein, Elliot Finkelstein, & Rachel Pailet  
Ken & Barbara Pailet
Yahrzeit Fund
In memory of Jeffrey Goldman        
Marc Goldman
In memory of James Davis   
Sidney & Marilyn Lassen

In memory of Rose Plantowksy
Esther Light

Within Our congregational family we extend
Condolences to:   
Laurie, Paul, Eli, Ashley & Leah Sterbcow on the passing of their father and grandfather, Louis Dollin