UPDATED 3/13/20
Dear Temple Shir Shalom Family,
We are writing to share updates from Temple regarding all of our programming.
Temple Office
While the Temple office will have some staff available to answer calls and continue the business of Temple, starting Monday, our building will be closed. If you need to conduct business, please contact us via phone or email. When possible, previously scheduled or newly scheduled meetings will be held over the phone or via teleconferencing platforms. Temple staff will continue to confirm any appointments one business day prior to your meeting.
For the next two weeks, Friday Night and Saturday morning services will be livestreamed on our YouTube Channel (click HERE to connect to our YouTube page). Our building will remain closed during services. We encourage those who would like to be a part of services to view them online. 
Sunday morning minyan is cancelled until April 5 th .
Educational Programming – SHORESH & B’nai Mitzvah
With the exception of our 10 th Grade Confirmation Class which will be meeting online, all SHORESH PreK – 12 classes will be cancelled through Spring Break. Our plan, if all goes well, is to continue our programming as scheduled on April 13 th .  SHORESH Families will be receiving an email next week about optional online learning opportunities.
Bar and Bat Mitzvah tutoring will continue. Families and tutors should be in touch to coordinate their sessions.
The Learning Center Preschool
Beginning Monday, The Learning Center Preschool will close and classes will not be held until March 30 th . Our hope, if things go well, will be to return to classes after that.
Adult Ed and Study
Saturday Morning’s Tish is cancelled until April 4 th .
At a time when we refrain from sharing hugs, we continue to share our love and support. As always, if you are struggling, whether from the virus itself or the fallout around it, please reach out to us and know that we will do our best to provide the support that you may need.
Shalom refuah u'vracha - wishing you peace, health and blessing,
Keith Lublin, President
Rabbi Michael Moskowitz
Rabbi Daniel Schwartz
Brian Fishman, Executive Director