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Your Strongest Defense Against Nematodes: AgLogic 15GG aldicarb®
AgLogic outperforms the competition all season long
Get Better Protection
Benefit from Superior Nematode Control
AgLogic aldicarb has been shown to reduce reniform nematode egg density on cotton roots by up to 95%.
Source: Evaluation of Nematicide Products for Increasing Cotton Plant Growth and Yield and Decreasing Reniform Population Density on Cotton in North Alabama, 2018
“AgLogic aldicarb has both early season nematode and thrips protection and addresses the lack of control problems we were starting to see with resistance to seed treatments.”
Jack Royal
Royal’s Ag Consultant Co.
Powerful Peanut Yield Protection
Stop root knot, lesion, sting, and ring nematodes from reducing your yields by 20 to 90 percent. Take back control with the early-season pest defense of AgLogic 15GG aldicarb. Aldicarb also minimizes secondary diseases associated with nematode infestations, such as pod rot, and root diseases, such as cylindrocladium black rot.
Reduce Deer Damage
Soybeans planted with AgLogic aldicarb* in South Carolina suffered far less deer grazing damage than those that did not receive treatment.
*AgLogic 15GG aldicarb is a restricted use pesticide.
Source: Cotton/Soybean Insect Newsletter, Volume 15, Issue #9, July 2020, Clemson University Professor of Entomology, Dr. Jeremy K. Greene
“We’re looking for a maximum yield by using AgLogic aldicarb to get early thrip and nematode control and plant vigor. I used AgLogic last year and it gave me the best yields I’ve had in 34 years of planting cotton. I plan to use it every year from now on.”
Paul Hawkins
South Carolina Farmer
Manage IPM and Pest Resistance with AgLogic Aldicarb
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