From the desk of Daniel Bornstein, Esq.
After we posted a picture of a stomach-churning kitchen in a property undergoing eviction proceedings, it went viral by tapping into the frustrations of many landlords who watch in horror as their properties atrophy at the hands of neglectful tenants.

We continue the thread in our latest article on the dual responsibility of landlords and tenants to maintain the rental unit in livable condition. 

Owners can avoid squalor by selecting the most studious tenants in theory, but the law, technology and a culture of amnesty stand to conceal rental risks, making old-fashioned, personal sleuthing more important. We take on tenant screening in a handful of articles shared here.

This photo of abhorrent conditions generated a brisk response and so we felt compelled to expound on this subject of how to handle unacceptable conditions.

Legal issues surrounding tenant screening
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