Layered with colors, textures, and meanings, each issue of MANIFEST (zine) is handmade then color-copied, embellished, and intricately folded. Consider it a hold-in-your-hands art installation featuring poetry and mixed-media collage work, along with photography, quotes, and more.

Issue #1, DIVINE INTERVENTION asks the reader to consider the catalysts and consequences of Change: What are the forces that move us? Change us? Propel us with such acceleration that we hardly recognize ourselves?
July 2020
Divine Intervention
Annual, 2020
2 issues
2 issues, 2020
plus a special gift
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What Are You Reading?
Waiting Out the Storm

Written from the shoreline of Connecticut and the wide and windswept beaches of Cape Cod, the poems in this book offer an intimate look at life transitions and how we cope with the unexpected.

$15.00 Print / $4.99 Ebook

A quirky photobook featuring artistic, ironic images of discarded dental flossers. 50% of all proceeds are donated to A Place Called Hope, Birds of Prey Rehabilitation & Education Center.

$14.99 Print
Evidence of Flossing:
What We Leave Behind.

Inspired by Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and Mary Oliver, this 178 page paperback presents poems and musings illustrated by 80 original and vintage color photographs.

Print $21.99 / $4.99 Ebook
LOOK UP! Musings on the Nature of Mindfulness

This popular book includes essays and poems illustrated by 100 full-color photographs and quotations by philosophers, poets, naturalists, and famous writers.

Print $24.95 / $4.99 Ebook
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Conversation Peace Postcards
Start a conversation with these sets of twelve 4x6 postcards. Printed on coated 16 point cardstock, the postcards are packaged in a craft paper envelope. Makes a great a gift for those hose who love to send unique postcards and random correspondences. $12.99 each set.
Oh Alice!

Features classic John Tenniel illustrations from Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found.
Slithy Toves & Friends

Features Jabberwocky’s slithy toves and friends, a classic John Tenniel illustration from Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found.
Evidence of Flossing

Features 12 quirky photos from the book Evidence of Flossing. Part of a collection of more than 100 photos of discarded dental flossers.
Look Up!

Features stunning, original photos from the book LOOK UP! Images include a hawk in flight, spring flowers, skyscapes and seascapes.
Buttons & Such
TEAM MASK button supports the movement to get people to wear a mask to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Each shipment includes 3 buttons - one to wear, two to share. Made in the USA. Shipping and handling: $6.00
WEAR A MASK button supports the movement to get people to #WearAFuckingMask to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Each shipment includes 3 buttons - one to wear, two to share. Shipping and handling: $4.50.
Based on the poem Committ Random Acts by Jen Payne, the "Commit Random Acts of Writing + Art" bumper sticker measures 4" x 8." Gloss UV lamination. Printed in the USA. $6.00.
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