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Especially at this time of year it is important that your displays and samples look great. If you have longarming machines, you want to make sure they are available for customers to view and test-drive. It is also a time when employees need to focus on customers.

Rely on Forever In Stitches to get your longarming for shop displays done quickly and inexpensively as well as free up your employees. This offer applies all year and is limited to samples and displays. This offer does not apply to end-customer quilts.

Let me elaborate a bit on this so that you can see how it can help you.

  • 15% off all longarming charges. Our longarming charges include thread and Quilters' Dream Poly Request batting. Edge-To-Edge rate is $0.22 per square inch - and then take 15% off. Extra-wide backing is at retail as are non-longarming services.

  • Your quilts are "next on". As soon as a machine is available, we load your quilt on and complete it. Expect a two day turnaround for E2E quilting, not including UPS shipping.

  • Return shipping via UPS is free as long as the total of all longarming on the pieces included in the shipment are $75.00 or more.

  • We're not talking just meandering your items. Our entire digital design library is available at no additional cost to make your items really POP!

  • We will include you in the quilting decisions or not - it's your choice.

Call us at 219.255.8085 if you would like to discuss further. Or, bring/mail your items in to be done.
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At Forever In Stitches our goal is to further the art of quilting and longarming.
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