We want your business included in our community scavenger hunt!
You’re invited to join the Greater Lafayette Shop Small Scavenger Hunt. This event is built to drive residents and tourists of our community to your doorstep by enticing them with a fun and competitive activity that encourages each participant to get to know your business better, make a purchase, and become a forever customer.
What’s more fun than a Scavenger Hunt?! Greater Lafayette residents and tourists are invited to join the Greater Lafayette Shop Small Scavenger Hunt, where YOUR business is the highlight!

Here’s how it works: Participants download our app, log into the Greater Lafayette Shop Small games, and start earning points just by shopping at your store and competing missions that have been created by YOU. Each mission is assigned points that participants can use to move up the leaderboard and claim prizes. It’s that easy! 
A mission is a task of the scavenger hunt that participants will be completing for points. We are asking your business to create a mission to invite participants to your storefront.

Missions can be two types - photos or videos. Make your mission to fit your store! Invite customers to snag a photo of a display in your store, a video of them trying an entrée in your restaurant, or anything unique to your business. The possibilities are endless! 
Ready to join the hunt? Fill out our Mission Request Form today!
Register your business by October 12!
Questions or comments? Please email Mark Lowe.
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