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Socks: 50 cents

Bras & Briefs: $1

Men's & Women's Jeans: $3
Valentine's Day items are now on display!
Sale items shown are representative of what could be on display. Please come to our store to see what is actually there.
Why I Like to Volunteer
by Sue
ACTS is the nicest, most well-run thrift store in the area! I’ve enjoyed shopping here for years. When I saw the article in the Record-Eagle for volunteers, I called. I like to volunteer because it is fun.

Note: Please consider joining Sue and others in our Thrift Store or Food Pantry. Call Carol at (231) 267-3002 to volunteer.
Premier Showing! Press or click the button to find out what we do out back.
Thank You!!
As we start the new year, it's a good opportunity to thank our excellent staff. Lucy Howard is our Thrift Store Manager, and Carol Hockin is our Food Pantry Coordinator.

Please join us in thanking them for their hard work and dedication. And when next you see them, wish them a Happy New Year!
Lucy and Carol
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