Talk about a pirate.....

think about it, Santa must be part pirate... sharing treasure with deserving crew members, keeping crew members to the code, and not on the naughty list... If breaking and entering to share joy isn't an act of piracy, what is???
I know, I'm dangerous when I've had too much time on my hands...
Shop Fast, Shop Local
If you haven't suited out your pirate for Christmas, it's time to check out your local dive store! No shipping fees, no drama, just get the good stuff or a gift card so they can do something fun in the new year like a new certification, a refresher, etc. Lets get our gear checked out, our tanks in a row so when the world is ready for us we are ready to go!
Help us win this grant, we need your vote!
Last year we won a print grant, which went a long way in helping us with invitations, programs, membership mailouts, etc . to help us raise money for pirates in training.

Please take a moment to click the graphic and vote for your favorite non profit (that's us, Dive Pirates Foundation, choose us, choose us!!)

End of Year Donations
If you need to make any end of year donations, remember to help out your fellow pirates!
Merry Christmas Pirates!
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