Hope you all are having a happy, healthy holiday season!

Treat Yourself or Gift Your Friends!
MTM and CNM warrior moms and allies may have busy lives but that doesn't mean they can't look good while fighting the ongoing battles for the kids and our community. So why not gear up at a LuLaRoe Facebook Fundraiser?! 

If you haven't yet heard about it, "LuLaRoe" is a fashion line of clothing that specializes in comfort. Probably best known for their buttery soft leggings, LLR also sells a variety of shirts, skirts, and dresses to flatter physiques of all sizes! The design patterns are unique and limited to only a few thousand in number, so once they sell out, they're gone! 

On December 15-17, which is this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Joy Holmes, aunt to Reid and Paley Wood, is hosting a LLR fundraising sale for the MTM-CNM Family Conference. In order to participate, join her LLR group https://www.facebook.com/groups/lularoejoyholmes/ and click on the Photo Albums to see the apparel for sale. When you see something that you absolutely have to have, comment, "Sold" and then fill in the "Check Out" form at the top of the group page.

Now's a great time to put in orders so they can be shipped before those holiday parties and gift exchanges!!

If the fundraiser makes at least $100 for our nonprofit, then LuLaRoe will match the donations. We can do this, MTM-CNM Family!!!

Reid and Paley with their brothers and cousins!

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