Fundemonium is your FUN and SAFE Joy Store!
Shop where You are Appreciated!
People like to be recognized, listened to, and appreciated. When was the last time you felt invisible and unappreciated? Possibly at a big box store?

When you shop on Amazon you are one of 27 million orders placed everyday. Do you think anyone at Amazon knows or cares you were there?

At Fundemonium every shopper is special. We know most of our customers by name and we celebrate all the new customers we meet. We warmly greet everyone at Fundemonium. We ask questions and listen to what you need. Most of all we deeply appreciate your business.

Shop Local campaigns say, "Spend your money where your heart is." That's OK but we say, "Shop with people who show you the love." That's what makes shopping FUN at Fundemonium.
Christmas is Coming, Plan Ahead
It may seem too soon, but this year planning ahead and shopping early for Christmas is wise.

Many of our suppliers have been running low and running late. Popular items like RC vehicles, games, and LEGO could be hard to find this winter. We have already stocked our Christmas puzzle selection and we have holiday gift wrap service too.
New Arrivals at Fundemonium!
Star Wars Legion Releases

Legion players and Star Wars fans! Accent your Rebel army with Clan Wren, outfit your Empire forces with Inferno Squad, scout ahead with the Separatist STAP Riders, and outflank your enemy with the Republic AT-RT.
New Dungeons & Dragons Book

Ready for the next Dungeons and Dragons adventure? We received the newest book in the line! Visit Icewind Dale, where the wind is cold, and the ice is colder.

´╗┐Bring a friend and a jacket!
RedSkull for Marvel Champions

RedSkull is here in Fantasy Flights latest expansion for the Marvel Champions Living Card Game.

We also got a restock on almost all the expansion packs as well if you missed them during their initial print!
More Arrma Brushless RC Vehicles

Looking for some RC driving FUN this weekend? Fundemonium is well stocked with RC vehicles of all kinds.

These Arrma brushless trucks and buggies recently arrived.
Perfect Gundam at Fundemonium

We received 50 kits, including some Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame Kai.

Stephen was the first to grab some of the new Gundam models, including a Perfect Grade. Don't worry, we have plenty more.
Thank you Stephen!
Be a Star at Fundemonium!
We are updating our website and have a video shoot scheduled. We would love to have you as a supporting cast member.

Saturday morning at 10:00am
´╗┐(no acting required.)
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Steven and Jean Elliott