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Volume XIV, Issue 23
October 31, 2020




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   Shoreline Cleanups and....BATS! 


Cathy Stepp, Executive Director, Ozarks Water Watch   
I am thrilled to report our wildly successful shoreline cleanup efforts this year!  While we had to be creative about how these activities were executed, our Ozark lake-loving public stepped up! Volunteers not only cleaned up trash and other interesting items, (a bathtub, tires, t.vs, 2-copy machines, and an oven!), one of them even saved the life of a drowning bat! 

From the reports we received from our 53 teams, there was over 7,000 pounds of trash taken out of the waterway!  Not everyone reported how many bags they filled, so that's a conservative estimate! How much is 7,000 lbs? 
9,300 Idaho Potatoes!
210 pick up trucks full!

Besides aesthetics, excess refuse in the water and on the shorelines negatively affects our prized fisheries!  Fishing in the Ozarks contributes millions of dollars to our local economies--lodging, restaurants, gear and local show/attraction attendance! We are all connected to our waters! 

Many THANKS to all who participated and sponsored these important events--especially in spite of COVID!

Most of the volunteers have picked up their t-shirts.  For those that still need to do so, please email for a pick up time.



Here is the bat we told you about!


Lake Taneycomo Watershed Management Plan's had a terrific kick off meeting October 22nd, from 11:30 am to 12:40 pm via Zoom. (That's right: we finished early!  How often does that happen?) We've assembled a wide array of elected leaders, municipal reps, business and riparian owners to participate in this effort that is being led by Dr. Robert Pavlowsky from MSU.  

We laid out the mechanics of the process for plan development.  We also explained what this project is--and isn't.  Many participants raised concerns about Army Corps and flooding.  While this project isn't directly about those issues, it IS about understanding how the water can be impacted from contaminants that run off the land and into the waterways--fisheries, silting, nutrient overloads, etc...  This is step ONE to lay the scientific groundwork to policy makers so they can determine what measures to implement to protect our beloved Taneycomo and ensure the legacy of an amazing resource!

Our next meeting will be later in November. Most likely, it will be via Zoom again.  If you are interested in being a part of this important effort to continue to improve Lake Taneycomo, please contact us.  


While a lot of the world has stood still during COVID, OWW in AR has not!  Erin has been interviewing for a new hire! The individual selected will be working on implementation of the recently announced ANRD grant we received, as well as some of the other work we're embarking upon with Beaver Water District in 2021.  There are so many great opportunities to raise awareness on drinking and groundwater in NW Arkansas.  And one more person on our team will be utilized to the fullest potential! 

One last note: I won't preach to you about getting out to vote!  (Because the readers of our newsletter are actively engaged and passionate citizens--you either already voted or will be there in force on Election Day 2020!) 

Quote of the Week  
 "If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in the water."
Lauren Eiseley

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