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As ocean acidification and warming progress, how will California fisheries respond? This question is taking a front row seat in CA Sea Grant's 2015 Core Awards. Read more 

HSU assistant professor Christine Cass is currently wrapping up a project on the seasonal trends of zooplankton energy content off the coast of Humboldt County, and what they mean for the salmon fishery. Read more

California Sea Grant nominees selected for marine policy fellowship in Washington, D.C. Read more
Humboldt researchers track the fate of Coho juveniles forced from their birthing grounds by poor water quality. Read more

Working through a combination of chartered trips and training for Santa Monica's die hard anglers, the collaborative project between fishermen and scientists has resulted in a halibut citizen science database which is critical for predicting population growth. Read more

The graduate students and recent graduates will participate in the yearlong program at state and federal agencies throughout California. This is the largest class of marine policy fellows in the program's history. Read more
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