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Shorter life expectancy,
Burnt Scalps, and Vodka?

Steve Martin Homes Group
I am convinced RENTING is shortening my life and causing pre-mature aging.

" From getting your home ready for property managers to start showing before your move out date, while simultaneously moving things out and repairing the damage your kids and animals caused, its amazing any of us have hair left on our heads.

Can we talk about how frustrating it is to be constantly checked up on by property managers and/or landlords? I have only rented two properties and BOTH of them were riddled with phone calls about the lawn, the interior, and requests to stop by for god knows what...
Nicole Elle Smith
of Steve Martin Homes Group.

Director of Marketing
Graphic Designer
Licensed Sarasota Area Realtor Sellers Representative Specialist Home Stylist

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Ignorance of the law is EXPENSIVE.

So, what do burnt scalps, miscellaneous engine parts, and the law have in common?

I f you can hang with me for a few paragraphs, I will explain…

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Katrina's dirty clean little secret
Laugh if you must, I did.  

The truth is I have been using this DISINFECTANT, natural cleaner - for years. Our open house shoppers often comment on how clean our listings are and how GREAT they smell.  Well, I am finally ready to dish on the secret . Paul and Adele, if you are reading this, I am writing this in your honor. This is how I sold those two units in your Gulf Beach condominium so fast; the buyers were “intoxicated” with the property.  

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