Questioning a Cleanse? Previlli™ Has Great Tips
It’s Spring. Should You Do a Cleanse?

It’s the season when lots of people participate in a health ritual known as cleansing. The idea is simple: over time our bodies accumulate toxins from our environment, and every spring it’s a good idea to help clear them out. Unfortunately, harsh cleanses and detoxes can do more harm than good. If you’re going to cleanse, gentle is the way to go.

Learn more about cleansing, and how to do it right , including:

1. Which is more polluted: the air inside your home or outside?
These hidden sources of toxins are probably part of your everyday life.

2. The difference between a fast, a cleanse, and a detox?
No, they don’t mean the same thing!

3. Do cleanses work?
What studies say about the efficacy of cleanses and detox diets for weight loss, blood pressure, and insulin resistance.

4. Why good stuff can be bad in excess.
There is such a thing as too much spinach juice!

5. The risks of harsh cleanses and detoxes.
How overdoing it can harm your core gut architecture, your gut function, and your gut bacteria.

6. How to cleanse, detox, or fast gently.
Do it the right way, with these 3 simple steps.

7. Considerations for your gentle cleanse, detox, or fast
The best herb for detoxing, the nutrient you need to watch out for, and how long to fast.
Live Well
Thinking about trying a detox?
Try our easy, gentle 3-Day Intermittent Fasting Detox Plan
Living in the modern world means that we are constantly exposed to toxins in our environment. If you’re considering a detox to release pollutants, clear brain fog, reduce bloating or boost metabolism, we’ve got an easy 3-day plan that uses intermittent fasting (IF) to gently detox without damaging your core gut architecture.

Learn more about intermittent fasting and see the protocol for our 3-Day IF Detox Plan, including:

1.    Three health benefits intermittent fasting provides
2.    The simplest IF method for beginners (that also works for weight loss!)
3.    Foods to avoid, foods to include while practicing our 3-Day IF Detox Plan
4.    Who should NOT try this plan?
5.    A warm and nurturing recipe for Coconut Curry Lentil Soup
6.    How to make Matcha Nutty Goodness Balls for a light, healthy, sweet treat
7.    A savory recipe for a one-dish Chicken and Chickpea Protein Bowls

You might find this way of eating so easy and satisfying, you’ll do it for more than three days!
Good for You
How Plant Peptides Can Help You

Most of us think of food solely as a source of important nutrients. But new science shows that certain foods can also modulate the body’s physiological functions — in other words, they can help our bodies work better. 

Take peptides. Small sequences of protein, peptides are one of the most powerful mediators in food. Peptides are much smaller chains of amino acids than proteins, and that reduced size makes them highly digestible, easily absorbed, and targeted in their function.
In the past few decades, a wide range of food-derived bioactive peptide sequences have been identified. They have been shown to affect the physiological function of many different systems of the body, including the digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems. That’s why they’re being heavily studied for use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition. 

Plants are a special and natural source of an amazing variety of peptide molecules with multiple health benefits. They can help our gut repair and rebuild. They can provide targeted nutrition during fasting, cleansing or duress — times when our cells benefit from additional antioxidant, mineral-binding, and cardiovascular support. And they can help regulate important processes, including detoxification. Have you had your peptides today?   
Important Part of the Plan
If you are considering a cleanse or detox for gut health, don’t forget about the most important part of gut health:  core gut architecture (the actual anatomy of the gut). You rely on your gut’s core architecture to make sure nutrients are absorbed and toxins are eliminated.  Previlli™ is the only product that is designed to reinforce healthy gut structure and support digestive balance.*
Sharing Success
 " Even though I have only been taking Previlli for a short time, I am already feeling a change in my body! My skin is clearing up, I feel less sluggish, and I even feel like my concentration has improved."

J Hintz  
Minneapolis, MN
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The only formula that balances digestion and promotes healthy gut structure.*
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