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                                                  December 2013
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You asked for it and we delivered!  Welcome to the first inaugural Traffic Lawyers Newsletter.  After several requests by clients like you to help keep them up to date about the constant changes in DUI and Traffic Law, we have decided to help.  Everyone drives a car, whether it's to work or school, whether you are a teenager or an older person.  Traffic Law impacts all of our lives and it is our goal to help educate and answer some of the questions we get asked every day.  Hopefully this will help guide you to make the best decisions for you and your family.  We have also attached a special coupon (below) for you, as a past client, to say thank you for your business.
What You Need to Know About Stop Light Camera Tickets
Cameras can be found on traffic lights at intersections all across the Kansas City and St. Louis Metro areas.  Whether you live in Missouri or Kansas, or other neighboring states such as Iowa or Illinois, you need to know how to respond to this type of ticket. 
"Is it a moving violation?"  "How many points?"  "Can I get out of it?"  "Does the answer change if I am licensed in Missouri or Kansas?" 


If you have already been issued a ticket via a Missouri red light camera, but have not yet paid it, we are telling our clients NOT to pay them as of this moment.  The Missouri Court of Appeals has judged the tickets to be unconstitutional as they are currently written. More 

The Hidden Costs of Getting a DUI or DWI.

The Hidden Costs of Getting a DUI or DWI

 (2min 40secs)

The Hidden Costs of a DUI/DWI
A while ago, I was interviewed on Fox about the hidden costs of a DUI and how even a first offense can be very costly.  As we come again into the holiday season and find ourselves going to parties and celebrating the coming of the new year, it is good to be reminded that making that call to a friend or family member, or even a holiday cab to pick you up, may be a smarter move than you realize. 



The question we, as traffic lawyers, seem to get more than any other, is: "If I am pulled over for a DUI, should I take the breath test?"  The short answer to that question is, it depends.  Sounds just like a lawyer, doesn't it?  Well, unfortunately, it is the only answer that makes any sense. Let us explain.  First of all, the general rule is if you think you can pass the test, you should take the test.  The reason is that usually the civil (driver's license) penalties are more severe if you refuse the test than if you take the test and fail.  This is true in both Kansas and Missouri, at least on a first offense. However, there are some very important exceptions. Breath Test 


Best of Bar 2013
Best of the Bar 10 Straight Years
Thank you Kansas City for choosing us again as Best of the Bar for the 10th straight year.  This month the Kansas City Business Journal came out with their annual issue focusing on Kanas City's Best Lawyers, and we feel very honored to be one of only two TRAFFIC ATTORNEYS for the entire KC Metro Area.  We would also like to thank all the Judges and our fellow attorneys who voted for us, and let them know that we will try our hardest to maintain our high standards.  More

We hope this email has been informative and helpful.  If you have any ideas for future articles or have a specific question to be addressed, please let us know. As always, you can get more information about our firm or about traffic tickets, DUI/DWI, or Criminal law by visiting one of our websites such as www.kansascitylawyers.org .

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DUI checkpoint
DUI Checkpoint ALERT
Occasionally, we have access to information about upcoming DUI checkpoints and want to make sure our clients are aware of them.  These particular locations have been selected as having a high probability, based on previous checkpoint frequency, although they have not been confirmed.
Tuesday 12/31/13: KCMO police at 40th and Main
Tuesday 12/31/13:  Mission police at Nall and Shawnee Mission Parkway
We want to discourage all of our clients from drinking and driving.  More Info

radar cop
                                                The huge volume of tickets we help people with gives us unique insight into which areas of the Metro are being patrolled most aggressively.  This month's highly patrolled hotspots: 
69 HWY and College in OP
71 HWY and I-435 in KCMO

                                                Answers to questions such as:

-- Do I really need to fight this if this is my only ticket?

-- What if I am in a school zone?

-- What if I am actually guilty?

-- How does the point system work in MO & KS?

-- Will my insurance company find out? Will it show up anywhere?

-- What should I say to the officer when I get pulled over to avoid a ticket?

-- Will I get pulled over if I am only driving 5-10 over?

-- What can I do to avoid getting pulled over?

-- Do I really need a lawyer for this?

......and many more.!  

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