Vayishlach - Genesis 32:4 - 36:43
The story of Dinah is a difficult one: her brothers - enraged - seize control of the conversation with Shechem and Hamor from Jacob. With guile they lead the Hivites to believe that all that needs to be done to repair the insult and merge their communities is for every male within the town to be circumcised. Three days later, when the menfolk of the town are incapacitated by the pain of the surgery, Shimon and Levi put them to the sword, and the rest of the brothers join in to pillage the town, walking away with possessions, women, and children.

Not the outcome Jacob was looking for, probably.

From this point forward Jacob becomes more interested in creating a new reputation as Yisrael - one who is "straight" - yashar - within God's sight. The rest of his experience going on forward can be read as a reaction to his failure to contain his son's rage at their sister's defilement. While emotion may motivate action, decisions should not be made in the heat of the moment.
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Last Saturday's sermon wove together references to the Hassidic Movement, the Misnagdish response, Yiddish folk song, Talmud, Bible Commentary, and sartorial metaphor. Bottom line: Just because someone famous/respected/etc starts doing something new doesn't mean you should be doing it too; before you copy someone, first make sure you understand the reasons behind the innovation. 
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