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In many cases, both on new and renovation projects, we propose a phased partnership execution strategy. The initial Phase 1 entails working with our customer through a collaborative process to fully develop the preliminary design scope and the accurate cost of construction.

Phase 1 begins with a focus on our customer's operating design parameters and specifications. From there, we continue with the development of the facility process flow, layout, equipment arrangement and preliminary structural, mechanical, and electrical designs. WLPLS also provides site development support relating to soil conditions, rail and civil design, utilities and permitting support. Phase 2 work is executed under a design/build contract with our customer. This phased stepped execution process has proven itself to be very successful in building trust with our customers. 

Craig Martin

Summer is officially here! The summer season started on Wed, Jun 21, 2023 and lasts until Sat, Sep 23, 2023. For some people, this is the best of the four seasons. It is the hottest of them all and the daylight hours are the longest. There is more than likely going to be enough sweat from the heat so try not sweating the small things in life, instead try aligning your mental and physical health this summer. 

It is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy nature. Summer always seems to fly by with vacations, holidays, and life’s other activities. Make sure to slow down and enjoy the season that brings wonderful fresh foods, fairs, sporting events, outdoor concerts, and so many other enjoyable recreational pastimes.

Celebrate the summer holidays and learn about the magnitude of significance they reflect regarding the history behind them.

Stay hydrated, stay healthy and stay happy.
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By Curtis R. Cook is Vice President of WL Port-Land Systems, Inc. He has over 36 years of experience in design, operations, and maintenance of bulk solids storage and handling facilities.

Q: I have a requirement for a bucket elevator to move grain. Which type of bucket elevator should I implement and what are the critical specifications I need to provide and/or meet? P.A.W.

A:  An excellent question, but a complete answer requires more space than we have in this issue, so we will start with a review of bucket elevator types and their common applications, and then we will go over some of the important specifications for this technology in next month’s newsletter.
Bucket Elevator Design Fundamentals, Part 1
Bucket elevators are commonly used for moving flowable bulk materials vertically. Bucket elevators can move a variety of bulk materials efficiently, those with low to high densities and fine to large particle sizes...Read More>>>
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