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Back Pain
December 2012


How many people do you know who have back pain? This might even be you. Do some of these people or yourself say that their doctor has recommended surgery or injections or physical therapy? In reality none of these work. You or your friends should be afraid of going under the knife. Injections are only temporary and physical therapy won't work if the spinal disc is displaced or if the spinal curves are distorted. Only chiropractic is effective in most cases because it gets to the root of the problem.


But of course the person who has the pain thinks that the area of the pain is the root. The fact is that this is rare. The area of the pain is usually the apex of weakness that developed overtime, secondary to multiple other parts of the body that have been in dysfunction.


Here is an example: a patient comes in thinking they have sprained their shoulder lifting a heavy or awkward item. An exam demonstrates that in reality the shoulder is not the issue but the low back which became destabilized in the position of lifting. To protect the low back from further damage, the body inhibited the shoulder action to prevent him from lifting anything. There was also a secondary symptom in the knee which was an extension of the low back. A proper adjustment to the lumbo-sacral region (low back) resolved both the shoulder and the knee.


I want you to understand the issue here, and that is that any region of the body can cause a manifestation of symptoms in some other location. It could be the feet causing the low back pain, or a shoulder causing an opposite hip pain, or a wrist causing a shoulder issue.


The key is that only a dynamic kinesiological exam can determine the real location and how it is manifesting.


Even if you have no symptoms, the ultimate preventative care is to be fully examined regularly for the purpose of making corrections before something really big goes out.


I have spent 35 years studying the dynamics of the human body. Take advantage of my expertise and let me keep you fine tuned and healthy. Tell your friends and family that there is an answer and that answer is to call Wagner Holistic Center.



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