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There are many reasons that people remodel their homes.  Here are a few common motivations:
"Hey Hon, let's sell the home!"
People who want to get the most from their investment realize that performing what we call "lipstick and mascara" goes a long way.  By conducting relatively inexpensive repairs, you can maximize your return. Items such as recessed lighting, crown molding, touch-up painting, new interior raised panel doors, swapping outdated fixtures, etc.
"Hey Hon, I can't wait to move into our new home!"
It makes sense to perform certain improvements before the furniture is moved in.  Common trades that should be performed prior to moving in are interior painting, flooring, windows and doors. These items can usually be performed in 2-3 weeks so the move-in delay would be minimal.  If the kitchen and/or bath(s) need remodeling and there is time to perform these projects prior to moving in, then this is the best time to do it!
"Hey Hon, the kids are gone, now it's OUR time!"
Many folks have lived in their outdated home for several years and one day find themselves "empty nesters." The kids are off to live their lives and now it's time to finally make those changes that they have considered for many years. 
How much do remodeling projects cost?  And, how long do they take?
I love watching home improvement programs on cable TV. Where else can you get a complete kitchen remodel in a weekend? Or build a new home in one week! And many times these jobs are done for free! Wouldn't that be nice?
Here are some actual average remodeling prices and job durations to consider:
Bathroom: $22,500 ;  3 weeks
Master bathroom: $33,380 ; 4-5 weeks       
Major kitchen remodel: $72,520 ; 5 weeks                      
New dual pane windows & patio doors: $11,100 ; 1-2 weeks 
Master suite addition (300 sq. ft.): $121,600 ; 14-18 weeks        
Although television home improvement programs often have unrealistic budgets and timelines, they are entertaining and can be informative. Consumers can learn new style trends and get great ideas. And this can often create that spark that gets the ball rolling.
Here are some good reasons to consider remodeling during this time of year:
Availability - During this time of year, you may find that your contractor has more time to work with you in planning and designing your project. This would be a good time for refining the details before the work begins.  This process may take longer as work picks up for your contractor in the spring.
Avoid Price Increases - Now is the time to look for and take advantage of reduced prices.  During this time of year, manufacturers may feature special offers to reduce inventory.  Typically, we experience price increases for lumber products, windows and cabinets in the spring.
Outdoor Projects - Although people don't often think of doing outdoor projects in the winter, in California we are blessed with good weather and are often able to perform outdoor work year-round.  This could be a good time to start that outdoor kitchen or entertainment area! 


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Well, usually I mention either my latest acquisition or recent project.  As some of you know, I'm typically better at buying than I am at selling...ok lets just say I have a problem!!  
So, to prevent my wife from having an intervention, I listed and consequently sold 5 cars in a 2-week period this spring.  

R ather than discuss an existing or incoming car, please click the following link to see which 5 cars left the stable.


Time-lapse Videos

Below is a time-lapse video of one of our latest remodeling projects.  Click to watch as we transform a kitchen in a minute...literally. :)     

Kitchen Remodel, Sunnyvale
Kitchen Remodel, Sunnyvale

Removing walls is exactly what this kitchen remodel needed!  WOW!

Before & After Slideshow

Watch this before & after slideshow to see some of the work we've been doing over the past couple months.  It includes kitchen and bathroom remodels in all different design styles!

Recently Completed Projects | September 2016
Recently Completed Projects September 2016



"Wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant?"  This is a Citi commercial that we thought was hilarious!  It only takes 30 seconds for a good laugh. :) 




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Remodeling your home is a long-term investment. You want to choose a general contracting firm that will stand behind its work and materials for years to come.


At  D. R. Domenichini Construction, we transform homes, foster great relationships, and build clients for life.  


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