Warm Up and Lose Weight

"The sun never stops shining. Sometimes you have to look

beyond the clouds to see it."


It was once believed that during the summer months most people would become more active and shed a few pounds. Why is this not happening for many?
We all know that diet and exercise play the biggest role in our ability to lose weight but what we may not realize is that our metabolism also responds to environmental temperatures. When it is hot outdoors, your body burns additional calories then produces sweat to keep your body cool. During cold weather, shivering generates heat and burns calories. We disrupt this process with the use of air conditioning in our homes, cars and offices thus preventing the appetite suppression and extra burning of calories that normally occurs when we're exposed to heat.
According to a university study, since the 1970's, the number of homes with air conditioning increased from 35% to 70%. It was also during this time that obesity increased at an alarming rate. Air conditioning is not the only reason, yet, we must consider how disrupting our natural patterns of living are impacting our health.
Here are a few ways you can take advantage of the warm weeks ahead for both your weight and your health:
Sit in the sun to warm up the body; when your temperature increases, your appetite decreases.
Keep your home and your car a little warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter.
Allow your body to sweat; it's a great way to remove toxins and improve your immune system.
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