Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Why should architects love us?
Great question with even better answers. For starters, our patented interlocking flooring tiles are a dream come true for any facility with access flooring. Without the relative permanency of glue-down flooring, new designs or redesigns of a space don’t necessarily require new flooring—just moving existing with perhaps replacing a tile or two. This can be particularly useful and cost-effective when designing or redesigning a laboratory.

Of course, the reduced or lack of down-time factors into the cost-effectiveness. Architects (and more importantly, clients) also like that the product is made mostly of recycled materials and meets LEED requirements. Not to mention the decorative, grainy surface that offers a number of safety and ergonomic benefits.

Need more reasons? Give us a call at 508-583-3200 for samples and you can see why FreeStyle tiles are so easy to love.
Our new ebook - Checklist for Replacing Your Laboratory Floor:
Thinking of replacing the flooring in your laboratory or clean room? Have questions? Our latest e-book, Checklist for Replacing Your Laboratory Floor , will help answer many of those issues.

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