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May 01, 2021
New This Week
This week our reading is John 15:1-8, We will hear about the connection of vines and branches.
Study Series
It's been a tumultuous year when it comes to issues of racism in America. Some are wondering why it's such a big issue, while others are out on the streets marching. Regardless of where we are on our respective journeys, there is one thing that is for certain: racism is a theological issue.

In partnership with First English Lutheran Church in Appleton, we are rolling up our sleeves and digging into discussion about racism and how it affects our lives. Throughout the summer, pastors from both congregations will be leading a series of studies that will help us find ways of talking about and addressing racism in our daily lives. No matter where you are on your journey of learning about racism, we hope to have a study that meets you where you are. When we see race, we are seeing God's grace and love at work!

We also have audible books available if you are interested let Pastor Dara know.

Click here to learn more about the studies and to determine which could be a good fit for you!

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What a Joy
As we continue to support different organizations in our community we receive recognition. We like to share these messages with our givers. Here is how our monetary donations will help at Crossways Camping Ministries:

  • It will give summer staff training, so they have the leadership and confidence they need to lead others.
  • It will help to repair and maintain the facilities.
  • It will help to share the message of camp beyond the walls of our congregations.

Thank you for your continued support.
In Case you Missed it
6 of our 8 lawn crew spots have been filled!!
Thanks for all who have volunteered. We still have a couple of spots remaining on the rotation. Remember more hands makes for less work for all!
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