Should you "pop" that dislocated shoulder back into place?

The shoulder joint has the largest range of motion in comparison to other body joints. The joint is unique in its extended reach and wide range of mobility. However, this range of motion can also allow the joint to experience shoulder injuries, such as a dislocation. Shoulder instability surgery can help.

A dislocated shoulder occurs when the humerus bone slips out of the shoulder socket. The bone can slip completely or partially, causing pain and discomfort.

A dislocated shoulder can occur while performing strenuous activity; many athletes dislocate their shoulder during a match or game. When the humerus bone detaches from its original position, patients can experience the following symptoms:
  • Swelling at the shoulder joint
  • A numbing sensation
  • Weakness in the arm or shoulder
  • Bruising or coloration around the shoulder
A shoulder can be dislocated in a forward, backward, or downward manner. Typically, dislocations occur when the humerus bone slips forward and down out of the socket; this usually occurs when the arm performs a throwing motion.

For most shoulder dislocations, a physician can "pop" the bone back into place. However, if an individual has a history of dislocations, and their arm frequently moves out of socket, surgery may help. During a procedure, your surgeon can stabilize and reposition the arm bone. Dislocation surgery can prevent future stability problems and dislocations from occurring.

After a procedure, the arm may be placed in a sling to prevent movement. Recovery may depend on each individual. Within a few months after a procedure, patients can experience better mobility and maneuverability in the shoulder.

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Seaside surgeon performs first hip replacement at Naples'
newest hospital; New venue a boon to community

Seaside orthopaedic surgeon Robert J. Zehr, M.D. performed the first total hip replacement surgery at Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida in Naples on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

A recent addition to Landmark's surgical staff, Dr. Zehr commented on conducting this milestone surgery. "Anytime a new venue opens up for elective surgeries, it's an advantage for the community. Patients always benefit from having another option," said Zehr, who also operates at the new Seaside Surgery Center, which he co-founded and where he currently serves as CEO|Medical Director.

Seaside is an outpatient surgery center, designed and built specifically for same-day outpatient joint replacements. Zehr performed Southwest Florida's first same-day outpatient total hip replacement there in November 2015. "But not every patient qualifies for outpatient joint replacement surgery," Zehr explained. "Having Landmark Hospital in the mix opens a world of opportunity for patients who need intensive post-operative care. I anticipate positive surgical outcomes for patients who choose Landmark."

Of the surgery Zehr remarked, "The Landmark team performed flawlessly, they were very professional and experienced. I expected a good team...I got a great team! I look forward to doing many more cases at Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida."

At Seaside, we're very understanding!
"All staff - front desk, RN's, RN anesthetist, anesthesiologist, surgeon, were extremely understanding and accommodating - didn't make me feel bad for my mistake. (I arrived an hour late for my appointment as the electricity was off in my home the night before.) Everyone was kind, courteous, and helpful. Wonderful atmosphere from beginning to end. Would recommend to anyone!"
-Marsha Clarke

 "This experience was so awesome I can't believe it! The staff was very friendly and professional. The facility was clean and had a good feeling. So many times in Southwest Florida, I have felt that the Western medical experience was cold and uncaring, but not here! Good group of people!"
-Michelle Brown

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