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Cultivating companies people want to buy from and work for


This ten word phrase was born in April after an inspiring two days in San Francisco (see below for a recap). 


Is it our new tagline? We're not sure, but we love that it perfectly describes the vision, values, and purpose of our organization. And it embodies the true spirit of everyone at Satrix Solutions. So, when we think about our greater mission, we believe we are helping eliminate some of the friction people sometimes experience with corporations.

We are nearing the proverbial tipping point where businesses committed to service excellence, collaboration, and co-creation are further distancing themselves from the competition. It's rewarding to know that we are doing our part by "
cultivating companies people want to buy from and work for."



Discover what it means to partner with Satrix Solutions, contact me today: evan@satrixsolutions.com or 480.773.6120.


Why Your VoC Program Needs a Brand Identity...
And How To Go About It.  


Congratulations! Your organization has established a disciplined Voice of Customer (VoC) program and is committed to creating customer experiences that set you apart from the competition. Your C-Level executives are setting customer-centric goals and priorities; listening posts have been established to gather critical feedback; a cross-functional team of champions is dedicated to closing the loop with customers and ensuring they are successful; and key drivers of customer loyalty are being emphasized as crucial components to your company's long-term growth. What's missing?


How about a powerful name? A VoC program that drives results is undoubtedly a competitive advantage. For maximum impact, your VoC program needs to be marketed internally and externally with a branding strategy that's as thoughtful as the one for your products and services. 


Do Employees Influence Net Promoter Score?  
3 Best Practices for Promoting a Strong NPS Culture Among Employees  


Many factors influence your organization's Net Promoter Score® (NPS), such as the ease of doing business with your company, the value customers associate with your products and services, or the degree to which the service experience delivered stands apart from the competition. But one of the most important factors in attaining world-class service excellence and generating a fiercely loyal customer base is the bond customers develop with your employees. A superior product may get you in the door, but it is the empathy, enthusiasm, and dedication of employees who create the overall experience that keep customers engaged. 


A culture of service excellence among your employees does not always evolve naturally. More often than not, it needs to be thoughtfully shaped and cultivated. Here are three strategies designed to foster the employee behaviors necessary for a successful Net Promoter system:  



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Top 10 Common Problems in Designing Effective Survey Questions  


Reflecting back on my legal studies, I often equate survey question development to direct examination and cross examination of witnesses during a trial. Questions in a courtroom cannot be overly prejudicial to either side, so as to force an answer from a witness or prejudice the objective jury. Therefore, it's not a stretch to say that developing questions for surveys is much like preparing questions for a trial.


  Continue reading...

Satrix Solutions Update



As a result of a steady stream of referrals, strategic partnerships, attendance at industry conferences, and authorship of relevant content, I'm happy to report a record number of companies are joining the ranks of other category leaders in the Satrix Solutions client portfolio. Here are just a few of the remarkable companies we started working with this year. These partnerships include multiple aspects of Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement programs:

  • Parchment is a credentials management company that allows learners, educators, and employers to request, verify, and share academic credentials in simple and secure ways.
  • iProspect is a global, award-winning marketing agency that drives digital performance. By putting the customer at the center, iProspect creates effective strategies that connect with people across every digital channel-and grow business in measurable ways. 
  • ShotSpotter is the global leader in gunfire detection and location technology providing the most trusted, scalable, and reliable gunfire alert and analysis available today.
  • Doxim is a leading provider of Customer Communications Management software for the financial services industry.

Last month, I headed to San Francisco with a few members of my team for the Customer Success Summit. As both a sponsor and presenter at the event (see the recording of my presentation here), I was energized by the passionate and insightful discussions surrounding service excellence and moved by everyone's pledge to customer satisfaction.


For this reason, five of us will be in San Francisco next month for the Pulse Customer Success Conference. Participating as attendees will give us even greater insight into the challenges companies are facing and provide a new viewpoint as we work to develop enhanced solutions and strategies for our clients. I've also been invited to moderate a session titled, Closing the Loop on Survey Programs. Drop me a note if you plan on attending this conference, I'd love to connect.


Lastly, we are currently conducting a research study with executives in the customer success industry. Our goal is to provide respondents with a report that will help you benchmark your organization and possibly lead to improvements in the structure, approach, and / or focus of your Customer Success team. We look forward to sharing our findings in June. 




Evan Klein
Founder & President

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