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October 2016
The intersection between physical activity and food is multifaceted and extends beyond sports nutrition, the application of nutrition to enhance athletic performance. Every day at the gym, for example, I overhear conversations between personal trainers and their clients about nutrition, and food is also a frequent discussion topic among members.

From our time at the gym, our involvement in the local tennis community, and other athletic endeavors, Joanne and I are acutely sensitive to the intersection of sports and nutrition. This month, we discuss some of our recent experiences and observations.

Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner
He Said, She Said: Sports and Nutrition
He Said

Leading up to this month's Newport Marathon, I solicited advice from colleagues around the world as well as fellow marathoners regarding fueling strategies that might help me to avoid the nausea that plagued me in earlier endurance events. The suggestions were all over the place. Read More
She Said

While my overall experience on my tennis teams has been overwhelmingly positive, whenever the topic of food or weight comes up, I have noticed some troubling trends. Whether it is one of my teammates or one of our opponents, a number of these women exhibit quite disordered ideas about food and weight. Read More

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Each of us recently recorded episodes for Christy Harrison's podcast, Food Psych, and they are scheduled for release in November. Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you can catch the episodes once they are released. 
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