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This month we teach you about shoulder heath for a baseball player, introduce you to Diamond Edge Academy, and sit down with Dr. Mark Hutchinson for a Q&A.
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Shoulder Health in the Baseball Player: A Never-Ending Career Focus!  Gina Pongetti, MPT, MA, CSCS, c-ART and Courtney Dynes, DPT, c-ART

Fall baseball was quite the treat this year for the MLB, especially exciting for Chicago, who had not been to the World Series in decades. As we hear of so many athletes on injured reserve, the push for these young players becomes a concern. Little League play and travel leagues are becoming the norm now and replacing good Old Park district low-stress baseball.  Private pitching and hitting coaches are seemingly standard even as early as grade school, when this was a focus in collegiate and pro athletes.  So, is this push a good thing or a bad thing?

The full article can be found here!

In the Community: Diamond Edge Academy

The best businesses are those built around great people, and that is exactly what Sam Zagorac is doing with Diamond Edge Academy.  Sam is a baseball and softball coach, and instructor entering his 21st year in the profession.  Originally starting on the amateur side at the high school level, Sam worked all the way to the professional level working with the Chicago White Sox for several years.  After this time Sam decided that he wanted to open his own facility, which would be unique compared to the others available in the market.

Dr. Hutchinson Q&A Article

Achieve: Tell us about your experience at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Specifically, how athletes stay healthy, and how much it takes to maintain that level of competition over years.

Dr. Mark Hutchinson: The key to success for health care at the Olympic Games was a team-based approach that took advantage of and optimized everyones skill sets. Before the games, appropriate training programs that avoided overuse yet optimized performance were key.  This included nutrition, psych, and physical training a development.  At the games, it meant that the medical team was comfortable working together with the singular goal of a healthy and optimized athletic performance.  I love the athlete who came in with neck pain that I examined and determined no disc or fracture or serious problem, I partnered with my chiropractic colleague who manipulate the patient, and the physical therapist who did some soft tissue releases, and the athletic trainer who instructed in maintenance exercises.  He competed successfully and won a silver medal.

Read the entire Q&A with Dr. Mark Hutchinson here!

Community Corner

Chicago Cubs are Champs Again!

We believed, and the Chicago Cubs brought back their first championship to the city since 1908!  Nobody can wait until next spring to see the Boys in Blue back out there on the field!  Go Cubs! Fly the W
Beat the Bird 5K

Early bird registration is going on now for the Beat the Bird 5K presented by EndureIt!  This is a fun event that takes place Thanksgiving morning in Oakbrook, IL with proceeds benefiting Chicago Hope Academy!

Visit their website for more information and to register!
Diamond Edge Academy!

Diamond Edge Academy is a new, state-of-the-art, indoor baseball/softball training facility. The facility includes 16 batting cages, 4 pitching tunnels and 2 team training areas. The staff of instructors is second to none and has coaching experience at both the amateur and professional levels, and they are also opening a new Sports Performance section very soon which will include Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Golf training, and, of course, training programs!   Visit their website for more information!
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